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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kilplix N Tate Play Portal 2 Episode 2

Now it starts to get entertaining!


  1. "Okay, see ya later." I had a feeling Tate would step off that button when you were over those platforms. You're really tearing through these.

  2. Lol Gotta love a Kilplix and Tate video

  3. Much better than episode 1, Austin seems to be enjoying himself in the game now. Great video guys, can't wait to see the rest.

  4. Great video. can you upload more fallout videos?

  5. "Right, so what we need to do is..."
    "Fuck you!" Tate screamed as he fell to his doom.
    And Kilplix was like, "Oh, well. See you next fall."
    Man, that made me LOL!
    Epically funny!

  6. Dear Kilplix.

    This Message is related to battle field 2. im wondering .. is it working for u? because i kinda just got it. and my friends wanted me ... to play... but since there over sea. i cant ask them. so im wondering... is battle field 2 working for u? when i log in. after 10sec it gices me a error says

    The Connection With Ea Online Was Lost. if u know about this and know how to fix it. can u either reply or send a email to thank you

    waited for 3 days and still not working

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  8. @fkyougoogle: As much as it's bothers me that Austin sometimes doesn't answer his fans or answer them roughly, comments like yours make me understand him. He's not fucking tech support. Go ask EA.

    @Brandomaniac11: Seriously?

    This video was very pleasant to see, keep on dude :D.

  9. the video has been removed by the user

  10. Awww I was looking forward to more Tate n Kilplix