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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sigh.. Come on guys

I just caught wind that people are harassing the crap out of the latest dumb comment of the moment guy.

seriously people?

The dumb comments are something you look at and have a good chuckle, you don't go out of your freaking way to heckle the person, that's just crap.

I am dissapoint

From now on i'm going to have to keep the names anonymous of the dumb comments since some people just can't help themselves.



  1. Fans are like the horde...
    Once you release them... anything happens.

  2. that sucks for the person. I think the fans are getting the wrong idea from the post. bad fans, bad.

  3. You forget that your fan base is 90% 12-14 year olds. All they do is insult people and throw around derogatory terms like candy. They have no respect and aren't matured enough to know.

  4. not all 12, 13 and 14 year olds are like that jay, some are incredibly mature, while ofcourse there is a lot of people who just dont think at all it seems

  5. Wow, that's pretty amazing that people would actually do that. But, at the same time, I'm not really suprised.

  6. We all make Mistakes,
    but we Learn from those Mistakes ^.^

    ...I kinda guess that goes for Both of You :\ Spooky.

  7. People, they do whatever they feel like doing without thinking. -.-
    There was nothin wrong with yout video, Tate's been doing videos about the dumb comments for a while now, and I don't think anything bad happened evven thought the names were not hidden, but when you do a dumb comments video, it just HAD to turn bad!

  8. That sucks Austin. I'm sorry. I hope that they will not keep it up.

  9. Austin, you have to remember that the majority of your fans are kids. Kids with internet access.

    IMO if you don't want this to happen again, then maybe you shouldn't do "Dumbest Comment" anymore. Just me, sir.

  10. I think the anonymous route is a good way to go. But an even better one is what Mark suggested (IMO).

    Mainly due to the fact that yes, a vast majority of your audience is under 18+. And it's not just the fact that they'll act immature to a "dumb commenter", but the fact that the "dumb comment" IS WRITTEN by a kid himself.

    Kids write dumb stuff, and will probably fail at spelling (in this day and age, at least). I don't see any reason to make them targets to your community and have a laugh at their expense (even if their names are censored).

    And I'm surprised that you were actually disappointed that kids acted... like kids.

    And here it'll come: "OMG stop telling Austeen wut to do!!!!"

    No, I'm not telling him what to do, it's his blog. Just giving my $0.02.

  11. And on another completely separate note, this particular "dumb comment of the moment" was kinda lamesauce.

    I mean, someone saying they beat the tank on expert. Okay, big whoop. And he misspelled "expert" but he may not have been American to begin with.

    I'm sure you could find better material than that.

  12. You are entitled to your opinion Jumpman and your two cents. But one thing that gets me is why people are making a big deal out of this oO? Like all it is a comment someone said that happened to be pretty stupid. They can be funny and i think it would just be smart to make it anonymous. And also he isnt targeting little kids? He is targeting the person who makes the comment, you are assuming that it was a little kid. It could be a 20 year old who just got the game and thought it was a great thing to beat a tank on expert and just spelled it wrong. So just my thoughts on the matter, sorry that i went alone with making it kinda big deal XD.

  13. You're right Caboose, the commenter is actually 31 years old, not some crazy kid with internet access.

    Me too, "i am dissapoint"

    The Internet, its full of idiots :D

  14. .......hahaha sorry im really bad when it comes to sarcasm especially when its over the internet XD. So are you joking around Philippelolz or just trying to be funny :P.

  15. But one thing that gets me is why people are making a big deal out of this oO? Like all it is a comment someone said that happened to be pretty stupid.

    The only people that are making a big deal about this are the trolls on that guys page.

    And also he isnt targeting little kids

    Reading comprehension. When did I say that? I said he's making them targets by posting up what they write.

    He is targeting the person who makes the comment

    So "targeting" someone (your words, not mine) that's older makes it fine?

    you are assuming that it was a little kid

    I didn't assume anything. But tbh, I probably could have worded this part better: but the fact that the "dumb comment" IS WRITTEN by a kid himself.

    Meant to say: But the fact that the "dumb comment" will probably be written by a kid himself.

    I was speaking in generalities about the whole "dumb comment of the moment" posts Austin has and (inevitably) will put up, and how most of his audience are kids, etc., etc.

  16. Jeez... this is like the whole Penny Arcade dickwolves fiasco. Well... except no one's getting death threats to their family, as far as I know. But it's ridiculous how fans will react when their "object of fandom" (for lack of a better term) does something like this. Like Austin said, the dumb comment thing is just supposed to be, "Teehee. This guy can't spell right and made a stupid comment. That was entertaining. Time to move on with my life." This one wasn't even that bad. If these people really need to hate on someone, at least make it the kids who won't leave Austin alone.

  17. I would first like to say thank you to Jumpman by being part of the population on the internet to actually think and be respectful when posting something (and that you were able to see that i wasnt trying to sound mean or shove my opinion down your throat, really glad XD). And im happy that you tactfully went back and stated your reasons, and i see where your right. We are both just looking at it in a different way where i see the dumb comment in general as just a funny thing to laugh at for a sec, and your opinion is just as right and justified. So we just take it differently and thats fine. Once again thanks for not being a jerk like those who started this whole thing by going that guys wall and trolling the heck out of him ><.

  18. Ignore the little children that insult the guy, Honestly they need to grow up. And this was quite inevitable due to the fact that half the internets population, especially on youtube is 10 - 13 year olds.

  19. Not all 12-14 year old kids are immature. I'm 14 and I LOVE watching Austin's videos. Of course, I don't go around trolling on them or any other videos related to his. I don't go trolling on any videos, actually. It's dumb and pointless. Just enjoy the video and if you don't enjoy it, fine, but don't be an immature loser who has nothing better to do but troll. Sorry, I just had to get that out there that not all pre-teens are immature like that.

  20. I'm 14 I'm not immature, in fact alot of people say I act too much like an adult. Please stop generalizing my age group because you went on Youtube