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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some of the wisest and most inspirational words I've ever been given.

When you are physically strong and brave, when your convictions and morals are unwavering, when you are respectful and hold honor, when your heart is compassionate and your hand open. You have accomplished more than most men. What more is fate to test you with?
but to take away that which is most precious to you.
and then all of your virtues will be truly tested.
The honest man fights the hardest fight.

If your other virtues were any weaker, there would be no need to be tested in such a cruel way.
It disappoints me to see you break. To see you fall during this test.
I can only encourage you so much.
to stand and hold your head up.
To think of them being away should bring you longing, to think of them no longer caring should break your heart, to think that they are being defiled should cause you to burn with insatiable rage. It's what will temper you.
But you can't let it overtake your ENTIRE life
like you're doing now.

Thank you so much, Angelo.. I'll be re reading this a lot in the future to push forward.


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  2. Inspirational words man! hope you could sort things out! I wrote the poem on a notepad which is full of poems and inspirational words. Thanks for sharing, austin!

  3. wow.......that poem deserves to be a final battle line.
    On a serious note though, very wise words. Thanks for sharing Austin. keep on buddy!

  4. the common man has his faults and he has his sins.
    but it is in those faults that he finds he is special. that he can get better and has the chance to make him self better.

    you made a very nice poem Angelo