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Friday, August 19, 2011

What a day.

Before I begin, I'll just let you know I posted a random fav song today, so it'll be below this wall of text.

Anyway today me and my brother were going to go see the movie FRIGHT NIGHT, I also wanted to get my car stereo installed, so we both took our own cars to the mall theater, good movie btw! loved it.

Anyway after the movie I go and get my car stereo installed, took a bit but I had my phone to keep me occupied.

Afterwards I was pretty dang happy, had my car stereo, and finally my car was legal again after passing inspection, I just got my stickers the other day.

so I was like WOO and drove to the other mall to check out a few stores, was being social as crap when people talked to me, cheery, being my new self which I'm loving. Was noticing I was getting checked out by tons of girls, I guess cause it's Friday and they were everywhere.

So after that mom texts me saying that my dads work is having a dinner outing thingy at a public swimming place and that I should come, so I said I'd stop by and left the mall.

On my way to the freeway entry I was noticing this little badump badump badump sound from my front tire, I'm just figuring it's a little pebble stuck in the tire treadings or something, I'm over thinking too much, being my typical paranoid self, then I'm thinking "Maybe I should just turn here into the walmart parking lot before getting on the freeway to check if it's anything." Then I didn't really hear the noise anymore so I'm like nahh whatever, and in my head I'm just thinking all clearly "I'm going to regret not doing that, you watch Austin, somethings going to happen, I should probably have trusted my instincts."

So I get on the freeway, enjoying my new stereo and all that. And the lovely thing about this area is that there's a 2-3 year planned construction process going on to make a bigger laned freeway, so it's utter cluster butt, there's no emergency lanes, concrete walls on both sides. the speed limit is 55, but no one does below 70.

So of course, my tire goes flat, I'm like oh.. great, and I "pull over to the side" which there in fact, is no side, so I just have to hug the wall, and be completely in the lane still, freaking cars and giant semi's are zooming aside to avoid hitting me as I'm like WTF DO I DO OMG

I couldn't get out obviously, I'd get taken the heck out, so I noticed a little ways behind me I had passed an off ramp, so I gritted my teeth, threw it in reverse and slowly started making my way back towards it, emergency lights on of course, my cars practicaly grinding against the concrete wall as I'm backing up, I literally did grind against it a few times, finally I made it to this little pocket where I was safe of traffic for the moment, getting out to fix it was still risky as heck and I could get taken out easily.

some construction worker came over to me and said I'd better find a better spot to fix the tire, he told me to drive onto the finished road part that was still blocked off, and he helped me by telling me to go when the coast was clear to that area.  here's a very crude map of the whole situation:

Funny thing is, the old me would have been like, end of the world, doom, everythings over, raging, giving up.

But not the new me, as soon as I made it to that little pocket safe spot I was completely fine, positive and outgoing about the whole thing, no probs, just put on the spare and be on my way.  I was even whistling as I was going through it all, smiling and chatting with that construction guy about how crazy the drivers are, a policeman stopped while I replacing the tire to ask if I need help, gave him a thumbs up and said I was alright, thanked him.

So I got the spare on and all that jolly good stuff, drove to that dinner pool party thingy and ate a yummy pulled pork sandwhich.  A bit later they started to open the pool area up, but eh, it's not like I knew anyone there, I mean I REALLY REALLY miss swimming and would loved to have cooled off after that ordeal but it would have been awkward swimming alone while everyone was swimming around.  It would have been nice to finally show my hot bod off but that just wasn't the place to do it, I'll get the chance like crazy in Florida I'm sure, all this hard work I put into sculpting this body (been working out for 7+ years now)  and no one sees it! travesty!

So yeah I left that and went to walmart to get a few things I needed, got home and dad was able to plug the hole in the tire, I can't BELIEVE I didn't ruin the thing driving on the rim like that.  I tell you what driving a car on a rim is so agonizing to me, like a million finger nails going across a chalkboard, and knowing it's probably doing damage to the tire and rim just make it ugh.

But all's well, I'm exhausted after changing the tire, that dang jack I have is a workout to use.

So the best part about all of this?  I find out my brother on his way home...

Got a flat tire too.

What the crap are the odds of that?!  Lucky him he got it where there was no construction, he got off easy!

So a silly and yet enjoyable day over all, It's crazy how close I came to getting killed, but all's well like I said, that's what counts. I'm just happy to finally have a stereo in my car!  Florida drive will be a lot more enjoyable!  Unless I get another flat =[

Lesson Learned for the day: Trust your instincts, I'm sorry for doubting you Peppy.  Also stay positive, it's insane the difference it makes when you do.


  1. Good on you, Kilplix.

    Sounds like your outlook on life is getting better all the time.

    Power to ya.

  2. That would have scared me half to death >.<.... an good that you got through it safely, with a smile even =).
    Take Care

  3. I'm liking this new positive Austin, good on you! :D

  4. i know the whole thing was about car stereo and some events of misfortune but was david tennant pretty good in fright night?

  5. I am liking the new Austin, he is a good role model to anyone.

  6. Holy crap...I don't know what else to say about this new you...

  7. LOL, crap happens, down here the drivers are just the opposite, most of them drive too slow and crap. That's in Navarre though. Still, It's awesome you got a stereo, and also Austin...there are some pretty...*whistles* girls around the beach in florida, so you'll get yer time to shine man ( if yer still as ripped as you were in your Q&A pic, i can see why you'd want to show yourself off :D)

  8. Haha well geez cousins are here for a reason A, and same to J lol im pretty sure you were born a few years appart on accident you two are so more like twins, same as your sisters. Its pretty awesome..but ya next time you need help just call or somethin I just sit home with my baby all day and I still have my vdub..just sayin..oh and also if girls check you out totally take advances smike at them or somethin..theyd probably like that. This story was pretty good I also think you should start writing a book everyone in your family is pretty talented when it comes to writing things..anyway..luv ya..

  9. Well, fix that travesty and let us see that 'hot bod' of yours :D
    (do it)

    also keep up the good attitude, makes me and your other fans happy to see you happy :D

  10. That's awesome austin :D
    And This story made me very happy, and i dunno why, maybe perhaps cause you talked about how positive you were and such just changed me :P

    But it's nice to know you had a happy day and i wish you have a ton more

  11. Glad I could donate to your car stereo fund, apparently.

  12. you should have used the boost to get through

  13. Why does austin never respond to comments?

  14. NEVER GIVE UP! TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS! AND DO A BARREL ROLL! Also, awesome how everything's alright!