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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oh you, luck. Oh you.

So last night my smash bros friends all came over, they wanted to do a get together one last time before I move. so yeah, they all get here and before we even start playing the power goes out...


we sat in the dark talking for like.. hours...

when the power finally came back one of them had to leave, and we didn't even play games. we just watched youtube videos. but in all honesty it was a good time, I absolutely love sharing youtube vids with groups of people, it's like right up there with my top things to do when hanging out.

We plan to do it again as soon as possible, my move has been delayed after all so there should be another opportunity.

I can honestly say those guys are what I'll miss most when I move (aside from family of course). They're some good friends, it's just too bad how rare they're all available.


  1. about the Black Outs,
    i know the feeling,
    had some rolling black outs all around my town last month,
    once it came back on it would bugger of again :\

  2. I have lots of black outs.Man Im moving out and the friggin rent is gonna be 800(but worth it)Well when I move out the only things I would miss is my dog and my grandma But forget the rest.Well yeah how much is your apartment gonna be?

  3. About friends,they are so important,when you need them they can support you. Its good to have good friends.

  4. Well That is a bad thing there, to lose a friend by moving, but you could make some more when you move, although they might not be as epic as yours and also if you think about it, you'll still have tate as a roomie

  5. do you plan to call any "kilplix-friends" before moving? do any of the other guys know what happened and all that crap?

  6. Friends, some are as easy to lose as a toy, and others can last a lifetime. Plus wherever you move, there are always new friends to be made. Make sure to take some good pics Austin, memories are priceless :D