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Monday, July 4, 2011

Kilplix Podcast Episode 1 - I hate boobs, boobs are awesome.

Read the description of the video for more info


  1. Just go to opencongress. org and vote down bill S. 978, its not that hard. The bill is open to a public vote at the moment. You can also see how the bill is progressing and find out exactly what the bill is about.

  2. You make me think of Shaggy :3

  3. Why is Everybody doing Q&A's and Podcast Shows all of a sudden?
    Hell even I'm about to release my first podcast BUT nice job you two :)

    kinda got a little worried to see Batman:AC up there,
    but you guys handled it fantastically
    (i'm a huge 10yr Batman Fan even my blog is dedicated to DC Comics)

    can't wait to see the next one! :D

  4. Woop I have the same headphones.

  5. Vindictus is more awesome than ever Kilplix, because of the new episode where the 2nd part of Episode 8 is where you can fight the Succubus alone.