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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Busy day

Only up until a few hours ago I've been completely busy and on the move.

Day started out with me taking down all my posters and packing them up.

I then went to walmart and bought fluids for my car.

Came home and vacuumed and cleaned my car all nice and good, looks great.

Sorted out what I'm going to be doing with Sobi, He's gonna be in a box in the front passenger side floor with a screen top thingy. I cleaned his giant 80 gallon tank out and had my dad help me carry it downstairs and put it into my car, I found out that boxes fit nicely in the tank, so it wont be just taking up room, it'll be a nice chest.

I put some boxes in, mostly games and dvds, also my swords and figurines, mini vacuum etc etc

I disassembled my shelf and laptop table and put them in the car.

Got all the consoles unplugged, got a huge bag of freaking cords and wires.

Counted change I've had in this jar where I throw all my change in, was about 22 bucks since I emptied it out last year for my trip to visit Jonna, was like 150 bucks in change then haha.

My room is such a mess now, I have Sobi in a giant plastic tub thingy, he's giving me the stink eye for that.

All of my crap should fit, but barely, I'll take apart my computer desk Thursday and pack in my giant PC, monitor, keyboard etc etc. So we'll see how things fit then.

My car is going to be so freaking weighed down, more gas to spend.. bluh..

Dunno what I'm going to do tomorrow, maybe just relax a bit, maybe move more crap, dunno yet.

All I know is I have a feakin headache =/


  1. Good luck with your move to Florida, Kilplix! :)

  2. maybe u wanna ship some of ur heavy items to florida?

  3. Just enjoy it till your car fails you when you over heat it and sobi flies out like rango

  4. I selected moving as a response. Just for the pun. Also make sure that Sobi doesn't get too cold.

  5. gotta be all excited about the trip ahead

  6. good luck! not to be mean but take a freak'en aspirin. hope that your drive gose better than my friend's he got in an accident. safe trip =3

  7. Will be praying for you to have a safe journey Florida. =)