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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 2 and 3 ugh

Saturday October 15th 2011
6:50 PM

I sure hope today was the worst day I'm going to have..

It started off just fine, drove for a few hours.

I'd been using my signal the entire time when switching lanes etc, but then I decided hey, I'm in the middle of nowhere, I can get lazy.

On top of that I was doing 90..

I check my rear view mirror...

cop with lights flashing.

So yeah 124 dollar ticket there, for some reason he decided to search my car for a bit too.

I honestly didn't care much, whatever, worse can happen.

So sometime later one of the roads the GPS said to go on was closed, completely closed, I tried going another way, GPS just led me back to that road, I drove for like 15 mins, turned, gps took me onto a dirt road, drove that for a while

I end up at the same blocked road.

I end up just driving blind for an hour or so, I come to a bridge crossing the Missouri river.

The bridge is under construction..

another good hour wasting time driving about there.

I drive a good 30 mins blindly yet again, GPS leads me to..

another blocked road..

I drove a long long time, finally took a path the GPS told me to go, finally finally was on the right path.

A good 3 hours wasted there, freaking destroyed me mentally and physically.

I tell myself I'll stop at the next motel.

This motel sucks.. so.. bad..

no wireless..

bathroom is like the size of a shower.


It's just crap, and I NEED the freaking internet.. I wanted to check maps and email people.

If I move my phone JUUUST right I can get my 3g... better than nothing I guess.

I really hope tomorrow is better than today

Sunday October 16th 2011
6:49 PM

Today was completely uneventful which is much, much better than yesterday. I drove 12 freaking hours today though, my hands hurt from holding the steering wheel, I had to hold my leg down with my hand to keep pressing the gas, I was going crazy

drove through a lot, Chicago, Tennessee, Illinois, others...

I'm so freaking exhausted, tomorrow I have only 9 ½ hours of driving so says mapquest, almost there, one more day.


  1. I say again, if you have to pass through Mississippi, you can crash at my place - I'm at near the top of the state. Being from California, I understand the crap you're going through by driving cross country.

    Cheers, sir.

  2. Don't worry, bud, I'm sure it will get better.

  3. i hope that you make it without any problems stay safe. the last leg of the race is the hardest part. hope i am so wrong. good freaken luck

  4. Dude just listen to mark.I guess he'll help you save a couple of $.

  5. The WORST kind of traffic awaits, Florida traffic, but dont worry just ignore the people and you'll be fine at least thats how i do it and again like every other one of your fans who live in florida if you're crashing anywhere near me i'll be happy to show you around. You'll get the lay of the land and make a new friend in an unfamiliar place.

  6. Never posted here. Im not even from USA. I dont know how exhausting is to drive for hours. But I do know how frustrating life can be. Just a little more Mr Trujillo. Just a little more to begin anew. This is just a test(so to speak) and you're doing great. Keep thinking...just a little more.

  7. If you hadn't driven through TN already I would've let you crash at my place. You probably would have had to sleep in your car if you didn't want to sleep on my couch, but from the sound of it it would've been better than that one hotel, haha.

  8. There is something my teacher told me last years. "It doesn't matter how you begin, as long as you finish strong." I took that saying and made it one of my life's quotes. So finish strong Austin.