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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Q&A Batch #197

What do you think about Hentai?

how did you know I was- I mean it's terrible!

How often do you change your desktop background?
like once a year

Have you heard of Tally Hall?

Which games that you left unfinished do you want to go back and finish?
off the top of my head, xenoblade

Favorite Tv show? (Beside Dragonball)
tv show? mythbusters I guess

What do you think of Saints Row IV? And I wanted to thank you for making all those great videos and that you're the one who you are ;) 2012 was a horrible year for me, had a lot of problems at University but your videos always helped me. I hope 2013 is going to be as good for you as it is for me now
SR3 was fun so 4 should be good

Do you ever go outside to walk, or to see anyone that lives around you, or go outside at all (for a purpose other than to go to church)?
I don't go to church, I never leave the apartment unless I'm getting groceries, yes my life sucks

Do you own a copy of The Binding of Isaac and it's DLC? If you do, and you've played it, what do you think of it?
I own it, I think someone gifted it to me, I've never really been interested in the game though to be honest

Do you play sport games?
I used to but never seriously, I'd always goof around in them and never really play them

Are you going to play Yakuza:Dead Souls,Yakuza 4 and if it gets a US release,Yakuza 5?
planning on buying 4, I may get dead souls too, 5 isn't going to get released here

How often do you answer your questions?
whenever I feel like it

I was wondering would you do a draw my life?

Do you play any fighting style games?
Not really, used to

Favorite competitive multiplayer games?
I guess FPS since it's all I play

How are you feeling right now? (Sorry for two questions in a row)  Lann Soleaar

Competitive or cooperative multiplayer?
both are fun really

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