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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Q&A Batch #201

Will you try Dead Space 3 dlc Awakened? -Jab
Nah, at least not now, maybe way in the future. I don't like to support DLC, I've never accepted DLC from day one and rarely will I ever ever pay for it

If you could make a game of any company what would it be?
make a game OF a company? wat

who's that pokemon?

How long have you been a dbz fan
Since I was like 14

Whose your favorite Dynasty Warriors Character?
Def Xiaou Dun

You exited about Dark Souls 2?
Oh yes

What are a couple games that you believe deserve a sequel?

Have you played the updated version of Suicide Blitz on L4D2? It's completely different from when you played it on L4D1.
I think I did

Can i be your friend...? =(
you already are ;o

If Solid Snake and Batman fought, who do you think wouls win and why?

Was there any Call of Duty game that you actually enjoyed ?
I enjoyed long past ones and I enjoyed the MW ones fine enough

Do you like Nutella?
I.. don't even know what that is

Hey,did you want us fans to call ya kilplix as your username or just by your real name Austin?
Either is fine

I'm pretty sure you and tate have had some arguments and what have you.Is it the weirdest fight you ever had?Does he just doop derp flerfalhdab or something?
WE haven't had arguments, maybe a few disagreements but that's it

How good is your eyesight?
Not that great at all, need glasses when driving

Would you play Team Fortress 2?
I have

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  1. How do you not know what Nutella is? The next time you go to the store, go pick some up. You will love it.