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Sunday, April 28, 2013


Holy crap I'm remembering my dream last night.. it was SO weird

I was playing a game, I don't know what game it was. And like the original survivors from l4d suddenly just show up and all start following me creepy like. I remember even hitting RECORD with fraps because i was like WTF THIS ISNT EVEN A L4D GAME

Over time their appearances start to change all creepy like, like zoeys head started growing and anothers facial features started disappearing altogether.  And they'd start like approaching me as if they were going to do me harm or something and I'd just keep moving so they couldn't touch me.

Eventually they just looked all freaky as piss, all deformed and scary and the next time I looked they had knives in their hands and were smiling evil like and they started chasing me with the knives.

Funnily enough in the dream though I was thinking it was just some easter egg in the game I was playing or something.

Pretty dang weird regardless


  1. Sounds like you just had your James Sunderland moment.

  2. I heard that when you have a dream of being chased then it means you are avoiding troubles that you have to confront.

  3. Wait for it!

    I've got this!

    Ah, yeah!


  4. and let the creepypastas commence...

  5. This is totally your conscience wanting to resolve issues with old friends... *cough*