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Friday, February 18, 2011

frickin minecraft + FEAR extraction scary

Tate and I had been talking about more ways to give us incentive to play minecraft, we decided to build a city, and hot freaking holy dang, we've been playing it for like literally 3 days straight, we sleep, eat, play. it's crazy. Tate usually streams it at his livestream at:

I'd stream too but my internet is just too crappy to handle online play + streaming.

I did find time to tear away last night to play fear extraction.


that game has some freaking crazy scary enemies, SHADOWS, SHADOWS ATTACK ME, I screamed like a freaking girl at that part.

games a lot scarier than the original game thats for sure.


  1. it was really intresting watching you guys build a city in minecraft. And it turned out great.

  2. Watcha gonna do with the city once its built? Planning on populating it? *hinthint* o3o

  3. You guys made so much progress,
    the town looks Uh-Mazin'
    You have a Name for it yet??

  4. Jeeze, I love playing minecraft, but I don't think I could play for three days straight.

  5. Tatetown greater metropolitan area Plixplex commercial zone.

  6. What a complete waste of time and effort.

  7. Hope to see some of the funny moments in youtube :D

  8. Haha @ Tate.
    "Goldenplixia" nice, very nice indeed :)