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Sunday, February 13, 2011


outdated link =(


  1. I'm loving this FEAR playthrough, sir.

    I don't know how Livestream works, but is there any way - ANY - way to turn off chat? It seems like 90% of your fan base is mainly composed of little kids. Ignoring them is harder than it sounds because me personally I can't help but glance at the chat window every now and then.

    I'm so glad you're enjoying FEAR as much as I did. That first encounter with the Mech... nearly overloaded my brain on my first playthrough.

    Keep the laughs coming, sir.

  2. Enjoying the playthrough. :) you have a pony tail? I'm just curious cuz when you turned your head, I swear I saw it??

  3. *sigh* it is nice watching you play my favorite game. Can't wait to watch more of it.

    @ Mark, Try switching over to the facebook or twitter view. Almost no one talks there. Or of course, watch it here on his blog.

  4. Mark, use the pop-out window option to the upper right of the video. Also, check out Fear 4 at about 2:07:20 for a completely missed scare...

  5. Austin, have you considered going through your video library & posting a link to the recorded copy of the stream when the link becomes outdated?

    Like in here? :)