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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Q&A Batch #209

Whats your opinion on the "free to play" games? As far as I'm concerned they should be call "pay to win".
They're cool when done right, I play quite a few

What's the furthest from home you've been?
Where I am now, here in Florida

me either if I had some

Are you excited for Amnesia a machine for pigs?

Are you ever going to do another multiplayer night with your fans again? you havent done one in a while.
I will sometime (did last night lolol)

Will you playthough the Metal Gear Solid games (Especially MGS3) on the stream for MGS5?

What is your favorite meme? If you have one.
no idea, too many

Does the carpet match the drapes? ;D
uhh no

Do you like Totino's pizza?
never tried

Have you seen the 17 minute gmeplay of BF4 yet? What do you think it will be like?
it looks cool and all but I'm waiting for multiplayer stuff more

Have you seen the tropical skyrim overhaul mod? it makes it look like farcry 3. And Would you play skyrim again?
I'll play skyrim again some day

Would you ever think of re-playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution?
I totally will some day

After playing BioShock Infinite, what score would you likely give if you had to review it?
Maybe a 7 or 8 out of 10, I give the original a 10 out of 10

Have ever heard of the Half-Life 2 mod Half-Mind? I suggest you should try it out; it's pretty quirky and I think you'll have lot's of laughs from it.
Yeah? Maybe I'll look into it

Hey Kilp have you played lost planet 2 before? If not you should so coop with Tate and stream it!
never played it

Would you eat the booty?
if it was like.. pig rump, roasted

This is a followup on my previous windows question. Did you have any problems with fallout 3 modded or non-modded and if so, can you recommend any solutions? - Morehouse928
I dunno, just google whatever issue you may have

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