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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Q&A Batch #210

What do you think of the relationship of the characters in BioShock Infinite? I felt attached more to Lee and Clementine from The Walking Dead.
It was fine, nothing spectacular

Austin i think you should do a video regarding your thoughts on BioShock Infinite and go into detail on why you think its not as good, or just tell me by answering this question. I feel its good for the people who have never played 1 or two before like me.
1 had more atmosphere and more freedom, the gameplay was funner and there were more options. also BIG DADDYS

Will you mod Skyrim like what you did in Fallout 3? Loving the Fallout 3 vids btw.
I will some day

Do you think that the big name developers should show greater support for indie games?

I watched the 17 minute gameplay trailer for BF4 and I'm very displeased. Every battlefield game has been a massive improvement on the previous in the series and this looks like DLC for BF3. Have you seen the video? And what are your thoughts on it?
it looks slightly better than BF3, we'll see what they do with the multiplayer

What question should I ask you ?
you should ask what questions you should ask me

When are we gonna play with you Austin? :(
I used to play hidden like every night with fans dont give me that

I am wondering if you can give any editing tips to a youtuber JackabiteTM that I am trying to give my assistance to for making videos. He combines dubstep and BF3 eplosions, could you see if he needs any advice? Much appreciation if you are able, Curely
my advice is no dubstep

do soby and jinjo ever interact with eachother?
Not really

Have you thought about doing a "Draw My Life" video? A few people like Anthony (from Smosh) and PewDiePie have done it. Will you? -boxinacat
lmao mine would be the most boring thing ever

I was wondering if you're gonna play this thing called Draw Something. It's a game where 1 person is drawing something and 2 other people try to guess what it is. I'm pretty sure that if you play it, that you and your friends will have plenty of creative fun with it. With best regards, Boxinacat.
I used to play that with a friend

Is your real e-mail? Because i want to send you a game >.>

Who was the last person you said thank you to?

Kind of hard to answer, but what is your greatest achievement in a video game you have done? -tkodisturb
Oh I have no idea, so many over the years

Dear Kilplix, Are going to play the upcoming scare fest known as "Outlast"? Because I heard people at IGN played the demo, and when they came out of the booth, they never wanted to go back in, and they say they won't get the full game, they believe "Outlast" is that scary. So you up for it?
always up for scary games

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