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Thursday, January 6, 2011

One epic night of gaming

last night was one of the best nights of Bad Company 2 ever, every game had something worth keeping, one game I got TWO 10 kill streaks, another game I got a 12 kill streak, part of that kill streak was SEVEN KILLS all at once from bringing a barn down.

I made a montage of the highlights from last night, has all the stuff mentioned above and more:

also a big WOOOP! to Matthew Clough for donating 10 bucks, right on dude


  1. Epic! I might share my epic moments of BC2, shame that my PC is not powerful enough to record Bc2 gameplay :/
    But, one time I was piloting Black hawk and I survived 2 direct hits from RPG somehow. Then I jumped to mcom station, killed 3 guys, 2 with AK47 and one with M9. And planted bomb. It was epic :)

  2. Austin do you have the vietnam dlc?

  3. Lol 10 kills in 1 shot.
    Mother of Mercy.

  4. Wow, that looks like a really fun night. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. I remember when I was playing on Arica Harbor, two snipers hiding on the hill but when I get up there another one showed up. I start spraying and each one spawned another person (Except for one he spawned two) so I end up getting seven kills from about half a clip of RPK. The tank kills were pretty cool keep up the funny videos.

  6. No problem dude keep up the good work!! :D

  7. Just bought BC2 and I'm terrible at it D:

    Though in arica harbor I did jump down on a guy, stab him and then shot his buddy in the head.

  8. Hey Kilplix, if you don't have the Vietnam expansion. I totally recommend that you do because it is a barrel of fun in my opinion.

  9. Wasn't that epic if you weren't with the legendary ME, was it?


    Try beating my record of -22- Defib kills in a single round, Kilplix. That's a man's weapon!

  10. Talking of Battlefield Bad Company 2 moments, I just rememered.

    That big assault type level with the lighthouse. SIX snipers in the lighthouse, three to a window a floor above the other. (Seriously, what the hell, snipers?)

    Honest to goodness, not ONE turned around as I systematically knifed them each in the back. Three came back after me, and I shot them on the head from above with a pistol. They didn't come back after that.

    What IS with the Xbox having hordes of snipers?

  11. It's silly how people are trying to one-up Kilplix in gaming, when he's just showing the vids for fun. :)

    Awesome video; much laughter. XD

  12. Beautiful D 2.0 kills. Definite record by any account.