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Monday, January 3, 2011

yet another epic donation! and I streamed with tate again!

john macintosh has donated me 100 dollars! words cannot describe my gratitude, this means so much.

At this rate maybe I can go to the dentist and get this stupid tooth repaired

not to sound like a rerun of yesterdays post, but I streamed minecraft with Tate again, we played like 6-7 hours yet again, the view count got up to 500, pretty crazy


  1. I thought I was reading the same post again. Getting money for dental work sucks, but I love the dentist. What's wrong with your tooth?

  2. MINECRAFTIN' LIKE KINGS, YO. I think i need a break from Livestream, haha.

  3. Austin you need to inform your fan's ( or at lest me XD) that your streaming. especial mincraft

  4. There's a popup on Steam when he starts streaming, which is how I found out, and thusly got addicted to Minecraft. The two of you guys have some good compatibility for comedy. It struck me as funny that when Tate freaked out, Kilplix did almost nothing but say "what happened" or make a comment. When Kilplix freaked out, they both started yelling.

  5. Can you make money from livestreaming?

  6. Multiplayer Minecraft has two main big flaws which spoil it greatly in my opinion.

    The first is that you have to know the server IP to join it, there is no server list. That's minor compared to the second point.

    Whitelists. God. Damned. Whitelists.

    You have to sign up to their forums, and literally "post for permission" and tell the server owner stuff like your age, just to get permission to even be ALLOWED to connect. Some servers let you connect, but without whitelist, don't even let you build anything.

    Shouldn't have to waste time leaving a post on a thread with stupid information, just to be given permission to connect to a server that's likely buggy and laggy.

    Whitelists piss me off.

  7. haha....hey pjtrusci007
    u r a faget

  8. @RobDeLaMorte - Server lists would make things hectic for servers who only want a few people to play around at a time, i.e. me and Austin.

    White listed servers like that are to prevent griefers. I opened my server to the public without a white list and that's all that happened, grief grief grief. Personally, your hates are my biggest loves about the game.

  9. I suppose that's also correct too, Tate...

    It just bothers me that I HAVE to give them information just to wait in line to be allowed a chance to get on the server. I'm no honourless cur that gets off on ruining other people's fun; I just like to build and dig mines!

    I want to play with other people and help them amass resources and build houses and stuff, but I can't do that because there's no way to tell what the server is like until you've committed for a while.

    I'll have to theorise some way to sneak onto YOUR server perhaps, so I can make shovels, dig sand and make a GREAT pyramid, showing my superiority over Kilplix and everyone else once and for all!

    At least there'd be no guarantee of some little smeghead sneaking on and TNTing my pyramid.