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Monday, January 10, 2011


So I have a dentist appointment, aint friggin available till monday though, so gotta wait a week, it's fine though, tooth is alright for now, it flares up badly at times, can't wait to get it fixed.

I'm terrified about the bill though, I read up on it, it'll probably have to be a root canal, back tooth, which can cost up to 600-800 dollars. holy frick... I can make payments, so I don't have to have all the money up front, but good lord, 800? to repair a stupid tooth?

know what'd help? a job with insurance, yeahhhh.. that'd be nice.

On the bright side, i've been getting along fine with bills from making cash from my blog, delivering mail for bro, and the epic donations from you awesome people.

will sure be nice not having to chew on one side of the mouth and avoiding liquid touching it.


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  2. Well, glad to hear you're finally getting it fixed. Hopefully it won't be a root canal though.

    All of the dentist ads on the page made me lol.

  3. I can't donate, but I always click on the ads :D

  4. Well, if you look at the market prices of your N64 games, some of em' can pay for your root canal.

    Your harvest moon, with the box and manual has a market price of $200-300

    And complete sets of half your other games are 50$+

  5. I had a root canal thingy in 2009. It hurts like crap, yea. But I was so happy when it got fixed. The 'fixing' of it as you call it, is quite painful though. It took them like 6 hours to fix mine.

  6. Root canals are not fun at all. But by God, they work. Glad you're getting it fixed. :)

  7. Dude the reason they charge so much is because they take time just to take out the tooth

  8. Root canals are not excruciatingly painful.

    First, a little research on the subject shows that it is no more painful than a regular checkup, depending on your dentist.

    Second, I have had a root canal, and it did not hurt in the slightest.

    Except my wallet.

  9. there is a toothpaste that helps its called sensitive
    just telling you if your in lots of pain it helped me big time

  10. Y'know, if you think about it.
    It's amazing how far you've come just by some clips of you messing around with friends.

  11. I think that its kind of ironic that many of your sponsored ads say things like "Cheap & Painless Dental Work".
    Hope that you will soon be pain-free, hon.

  12. Yeah, the dentist is not my favorite place in the world at all. Hope that it does help once the procedure is done with.

    You'll find a job eventually though. *positive vibes*

  13. Dragon ball online is out with an english patch!

  14. Weird that it didn't hurt you a thing. Mine was painful though. But no wallet pain. Insurance ftw.