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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

oh MAN!

Mathew Keith, a great man in the military has just donated me 250 dollars, i'm beyond honored and even more beyond grateful, this goes beyond generous.

also, Cameron Barber has donated me 70 dollars.

I'm truly, truly blessed. I don't even feel worthy of all these donations.

I'm so grateful though, this will really help with my inevitably huge dentist bill.

lets celebrate:


  1. unfair! I can't see the video >.< (german)

    well, some more donations and you don't have to worry about your bill

  2. What that video needs at the end is "and this was made in 15 minutes, the same amount of time it takes you to save 15% or more when switching to Geico"

  3. Glad you're getting your teeth paid off. Although I'll celebrate by doing the elevator party dance.

  4. I don't even. :I

    But glad people are awesome enough to help ya with your tooth. ^^

  5. i might have a nightmare after watching that

  6. what the fuck did I just watch???