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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The best Hot Topic in the USA

The Flannel!!

I paused when I stepped in, I seriously thought it was the wrong store. Turns out the store is closing down, gosh dang it! I hate when that crap happens, it's so depressing.

Daniel Mogensen donated me a lovely sum of 100 dollars! I would give hugs if possible.

ditto goes to Simon Davies for donating 30!

I'm starting to lean towards getting the tooth pulled, i'm just seeing so many people that have done it and have had no problems with it, strongly considering.


  1. So wait, are you telling me this was filmed in a Hot-Topic store? When the heck did a Hot-Topic store sell flannel? EVER?

  2. Go for the pull then.
    Get psyched and tough it out!
    You got some seriously generous donors backing you for pain pills afterward if needed. xD

  3. Hot Topic will sell anything so long as it's "in" at that very moment. I've seen everything from World of Warcraft shirts to Hello Kitty. The fun thing about the store is the fact it changes so often.

  4. I find it funny that when I was younger, the ONLY thing you found in Hot Topic was baggy pants, chains, and heavy metal-merchandise. OH HOW THE WORLD HAS CHANGED!

  5. Oh how I hate Hot Topic now. It used to be my favorite store when they had nothing but band t-shirts and baggy pants with chains. Then 5 years ago the one by me painted the walls white and all you could find was Fallout Boy shirts and tight pants, damn store went emo...

    And for the tooth use a product called Orajel if you haven't already it should help keep the pain down until you decide what you do with it.

  6. FLANNEL. FLANNEL EVERYWHERE. /8{} And for 7 bucks? Hot damn!

    I admit I'm a hipster, so Hot Topic is my kind of store. But goddamn their stuff is so expensive. >: A bit sad to hear its is closing.

  7. That's very awkward to see that much flannel in Hot Topic.

  8. Yeah this happend to the same at my hot topic store, but it turns out that they just moved out side of the mall to where Circuit City used to be, oh how I miss Circuit City :(

  9. I swear I nearly had a heart attack when i saw that donator's full name, I thought for a minute I had donated o.o (Except my last name is Davis, not Davies)