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Sunday, January 9, 2011

My N64 list

My list of games I've played and/or beaten

X represents a beaten game

Games that never end (IE tetris, pinball etc) and I've played a lot are marked as beaten.

I don't list games that I've played for just a few minutes or so, this list is games I've spent at least a few hours playing. and sports games, they're all the same! I generally will leave them out unless I remember them specifically.

now I KNOW i'm missing quite a few games because I was younger and don't remember what all I played. also I did this list through wikipedia, and since it isn't perfect I've spotted PLENTY of missing games from the lists.

And here's the list, I'll put up the other systems in the future, the link to all of them will be on the left for quicker access

(if you don't wanna see all the games and my personal notes just scroll to the bottom to see how many games i've played and beaten total)

NINTENDO SIXTY FOUUUURRRRR!!! this system gets too much hate, it shouldn't, not only did the N64 do analog and rumble before anyone else, it's games created the templates that everyone STILL use to this day.

Mario 64: quite possibly the most influential game ever, without this game you wouldn't have gotten 90 percent of the games you see today.

Zelda: the lock on feature, pretty much a must in every adventure game now because of it.

Goldeneye 007: this game laid way to console FPS, if it weren't for this you wouldn't have cod, halo etc.

The N64 to me represents friends, because of the new 4 players at once option, the N64 was a party machine, mario kart, smash bros, goldeneye, and much, much more. very very fond and powerful feelings for this machine because of how it brought everyone together, I LOVE the N64.



  1. Wait wait wait, you NEVER played Conkers Bad Fur Day? That game is fucking amazing, IMO.

  2. The hell is this?
    Spiderman had nothing?!
    Come on! That game was the bomb!

  3. Jet Force Gemini<3 how I love thee.

  4. The description for Castlevania 64 is perfect. Such a shame they took the guy with the steam-powered chainsaw out during development...he could have *almost* saved it.

    Totally agree on Wave Race, too. Mirror Lake was so calm, great morning scenery, with such good music. Such a strangely relaxing racing game.

  5. Star Fox is so fucking epic.
    Agreed with the first comment, Conker Bad Fur Day is aweeeeeeeeeesooooooome.
    Turok is awesome too, but not the best.
    Smash Bros was amazing, i was so addicted to it, played like 8 hours non-stop...
    Good times...

  6. You should check out a game called Space Station Silicon Valley, it is a really great underrated game.

  7. I loooved the N64, and I still do actually.

    Me and my sister were addicted to Zelda and the Pokemon Stadiums. And can't forget Super Smash Bros. Oh, the memories.. xD

  8. LOL diddy kong and golden eye those are my two best n64 games ive ever played when i was a child

  9. Oh man, I was a Turok FANATIC. That and SSB were my two N64 drugs.

  10. Ah, good times with Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. That's how I got my girlfriend's daughter hooked on FPS games at age 7 (she's also a huge fan of yours now, 11 years later)! Completely agree with you about Jet Force Gemini; great underrated game. I also loved Turok and Turok 2; the second game had some serious frame rate issues, but I would get it again if they remade it with today's technology.

  11. oh mortal kombat how i loved the fatalities

  12. wait wait wait what
    the n64 gets a lot of hate?
    dude, that is my freaking system
    i grew up with it ;-;
    n64 is still the best in my opinion.