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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Q&A Batch #144

N/A didn't go to highschool

never seen it

It was actually only 200 subs, I don't know why I added the K, I think my fav elder scrolls is oblivion so far because of all the mods i used, made it epic

Played it a little bit

cool as ice

That's the Kilplix icon man, always will be

Goof Troop



they're called funny moments

uhh, no, haven't considered it

don't want crappy hearthfire, maybe some day I'll get a dlc pack when it's cheap

uhm, been to Weird Al, think that was it

not sure, I usually will like at least one song in every genre, not a big fan of dub step, rap or country though, they do have those rare exceptions though like I said

I was a bit into pokemon but that's it

I guess it changed my real life by enabling me to move across the country while keeping the job I have, for the future? not sure.

Not sure really, will I be really generic to say kermit?

Once upon a time there was a rock sitting on the road, a man walking by minding his own business hears the rock cough. The man, shocked, glanced over quickly at the rock and realized the rock had a face, It's face looked like this D= the man stared in shock, his face looked like this :o , the rock stared back D= The rock, trying to keep things cool finally asked the man, "Sup?" his face remained D= the man continued to stare back shocked :o The rock finally broke the silence by a short but energetically loud fart, the man screamed, scaring the rock who screamed as well, the man in his panic slipped and hit his head on the ground. Blood gushed forth by the gallons from his forehead as the man got to his feet and began to run around sporadically, arms flailing and screaming, the rock continued to scream as well as the man faded into the distance leaving a crimson trail of blood behind. the end

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