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Friday, December 7, 2012

Q&A Batch #157

Nov 6

I watched it and honestly, I don't really care for it

like the first episode

I don't like puzzle games

Not particularly interested in it

I like Naruto (except the filler crap) I watched a little bit of shippouden

I'm a guy, yes


who would approve of that?

it's a thing people do

it annoys me just because of how big of a rip off it is



It remains being an awesome song, nothing happened to it

My brain

Impossible to tell, dislike many

Not really though I haven't watched hardly any of it

A red windmill? all I can think of when you I hear that is Spitting out the Demons but I've never used the image before, just the music

I had issues and was a retard

not much but I'd like to

Of course I will

Half water

Probably not, but does anyone? you live and you make mistakes, you learn from them


I make money from youtube and transcription work, I don't rely on donations at all, those are just little pleasant surprises

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