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Friday, January 11, 2013

Q&A Batch #175

Dec 7

Pretty much

I liked MVC 1 and 2 a lot, also SNK vs Capcom


I have thought about it but my blogspot is just too established now

A personality that goes along with mine, has the same wacky sense of humor, retro like me and yet into current stuff as well, same hobbies and interests, doesn't drink, smoke or do drugs, is caring and loving, not a potty mouth, Dark hair, nice legs, nice chest, takes care of her body like me, cute and adorable but not a girly girly girl, smart, funny, long tongue, shoots lightning out of her eyes, can do a kamehameha (doesn't have to be able to blow up planets), can recite every national song on the planet, eats crumbs off the floor to help clean up, pinches leaves and says "daww" when we walk by trees, can slam (if she wants to jam), wears bras (or doesn't) can hug me with her hair, giggles at balloons, throws pineapples at those squirrels out the window


  1. About the last question...

    The movie is called "How to Train Your Dragon"!

    There is a dragon in there that's called "Night Fury"!

    He/She asks what do you think about that dragon!

    The movie is actually pretty good, you might wanna see it, Austin!

  2. Hey Austin! Dunno if the questions belong here, but first of all greetings from Germany! Also I wanna ask if its possible for you to speak another language in some video. Not fluenty just read some words :D. I really would like to hear you speaking german or some other language!