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Friday, March 22, 2013

Left 4 Dead X Resident Evil 6

This is pretty cool but I'm really disappointed it doesn't have L4D1 characters,  Coach is cool and I KIND of like Nick but I HATE Ellis and Rochelle, I'd love to see the original cast here instead.

I wish Tate and I weren't so poor otherwise we'd get this game and play it together.

Now that I think about it if you want to see Tate and I play this you can donate by clicking that donate button on the left, just add something like "for RE6" in the description of the donation and I'll use the money to get 2 copies of RE6 for both him and I. Just a thought.


  1. I would donate to you if I could. :C

  2. Im Sure their will be Mods soon for the game.

  3. I can see Coach and Nick doing crap like that, but Ellis and Rochelle...yeah, I see what you mean there Austin. Besides forsaking the original Resident Evil formula, Resident Evil 6's delivery on an action survival game is decent and seems flexible enough (unlike how it looked on DS3, in my opinion).Would LOVE to see you and Tate play this :P