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Monday, June 15, 2015

Shenmue 3

If you know me well enough, you know I like the Shenmue games.

No, I love them, dearly, 1&2 have such a very very special place in my heart that I couldn't even describe it to you, they were, at the time, such special games, I'd never played a game so full of heart and soul like the Shenmue games.

But it was dead, too expensive to make, didn't sell well enough.

To me this is almost like the equivalent of a dead loved one coming back to life 15 years later.  I am shocked, I am stunned.

I wasn't even expecting it, who was? It showed, and that music played, and I freaking lost it, through shock, happiness, I don't know, I freakin cried from a KICKSTARTER ANNOUNCEMENT.

No game has ever made me cry, let alone an announcement, the closest I came to crying was (one of) Chrono Triggers endings.

I was shaking the entire rest of the conference, I'm still shocked as I type this...

like... holy frick you guys...


  1. Damn, after about a year, you finally post something new on your blog.
    I like reading about your life, Kilplix, even if i will never meet you in real life.

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