My dumb tweets

Friday, September 27, 2019

I already miss you.

I'll miss greeting you every morning, letting you out after breakfast and kissing and petting you.

I'll miss all the specific tweets you made to show me your moods and how I could tell what you were telling me.

I'll miss you yelling at me for touching you when you were chewing paper, basically saying “No this is mine”

I'll miss the little dances you did as you chewed on something.

I'll miss you rubbing your beak against me often to let me know you were there.

I'll even miss you grinding your beak, as crazy as it made me.

I'll miss you crawling down my shirt and lightly biting through the shirt at me when I teased you, and when you napped down there.

I'll miss you cuddling in my hand, sometimes napping, sometimes showing me where to pet and scratch you.

I will miss petting you so much, feeling your soft feathers.

I'll miss holding you in my hands, bringing you to my face and kissing you, and you making your grumpy chirp to tell me to stop.

I'll miss laying down and you immediately coming to cuddle into my hand resting on my chest and us napping together.

I'll just miss how anything I did, clip my nails, grabbing something, you'd always immediately come to investigate what I was doing, most of the time getting mad at whatever the item was.

I'll miss constantly looking over at you on my shoulder to kiss your cheek or beak, and you kissing back.

I'll miss giving you baths.

Most of all I will miss the happiness you gave me, and I'll never forget how you saved my life when I was at the lowest point i'd ever been.

Thank you Jinjo, I love you so much, I'm sorry.


  1. What a beautiful blog... I am so sorry again, Austin. I wish I could say something to make it better, but I know nothing will. Just know all of us fans love you and we love Jinjo too. I will remember that bird forever because of all the streams and videos I have watched with her gleefully chirping away! She had a wonderful life and you did every thing to make sure she was healthy and comfortable.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss Austin, I hope you are doing okay - Since your last post I check your blog often and really wish you the greatest happiness. Just remember in times where you feel the world is empty and loss takes over; you have left a positive impact in a huge amount of people - it's so crazy, I remember you and your personality from years ago and there's probably thousands more that do too. Think of all the nerdy, and supportive L4D fanbois-now-adults, all over the world routing for you. All the best man, chin-up, next challenge, you do you.