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Saturday, February 23, 2013

New polllll + PS4 discussion

Since the PS4 has been announced what do you think? excited for it?

The technology is cool and stuff, some demos were pretty impressive, you could tell some of it wasn't actually gameplay though and was just CGI crap like that capcom game.

Honestly I'm wishing they'd just do some form of mouse + keyboard control options for next gen, just OPTIONS NOT REQUIRED, next gens should be working towards better controls and innovation, not just freaking pretty graphics.

for me it didn't impress me enough to want to buy one right away, I'll probably get one eventually a year or two after its release


  1. Looks pretty good to me. It's been obvious since the dawn of time every new console is working towards having better graphics, that's just how they know to progress. Hopefully it does bring some decent games to the table, though. I have high hopes for WATCH_DOGS, but that's about it right now. I won't get one at release but I am pretty excited for it.

  2. the loss of native backwards compatibility hurts it for me, that was really a selling point they had for the ps2 and 3, being able to upgrade right away and even if there aren't many new games you want yet you can still play all your old ones

  3. I've no problems with the PS4, all looking like a future console with some arguable but ok innovation and another step forward with the graphics. The use of graphical power over CPU is good, it won't sound too much like a hoover.

    I will get the PS4 Slim when it releases :) PC is all good for now !

  4. I disagree Austin. The controller is an essential for consoles. I agree with it being nicer to hold a keyboard and a mouse, but if that happens, they may as well call it the PSC.

  5. Well, in my honest opinion, they showed us everything short of what it looked like. Granted, they could have showed us what so prototypes looked like, but I do not think they are done tweaking the PS4 case.
    Wish we could have seen SOMETHING.