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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Should you preorder videogames? by TotalHalibut

Every single thing he says is completely spot on, I recommend you watch this and pay attention, this guy knows what's up.


  1. just got done watching that a moment ago actually, going to make the same comment that I made there, I hold preorders for smaller release games, and only at a place like Gamestop where if the game comes out and gets crap reviews, I can get my money back

  2. Last one was Guild Wars 2 but I had already demo'd it thoroughly at Eurogamer. Got Over 300+ Hours on that :) There are a few I regret though xD Black Ops, Dead Island, Ghost Recon... I learned my lesson -.-

  3. The only game I ever preordered was Super Smash Bros. Brawl so I could secure my copy, since these games have a tendency to sell-out.

    It's times like these when I really hate people, those money-grubbing festering shit-holes. Some people refuse to learn.

  4. The last game I pre-ordered was Halo 3, and only because I knew it would be sold out day 1 and I knew it was going to to be good. I try to not pre-order specifically because of things like A:CM, and I don't think a new game skin that does nothing is worth $5-$10.

  5. I've preorderd before but only for Borderlands 2. Only because I loved the first game so much and I REALLY REALLY wanted the Mecromancer. and I'll tell you this it was Totally worth it. I was kinda shafted on the golden key though as I didn't get it with the preorder.

  6. I preorder so I can get a game day one but only do so at a place like Gamestop where I can get my money back.
    Lots of time DLC and some extras are created after a development cycle. Also worth noting is that creating content does take planning time. I'm all for DLC if it enhances an experience but not it is taken out of the game itself.

    1. Forgot to add. I've bought games such as Halo 4 and sold it's DLC code for 15 bucks. This makes my HALO 4 $45. It's as easy as eBay.

  7. I had pre-ordered Pokemon White 2 for the ds...Worst mistake ever. Had i listen to what people were saying how it is basically the same game as the first white version, i would have saved me 35 bucks, but my friends "insisted" i get it. Well you have to learn someday, and now im stuck with the game for now until i sell it or return it for a in store credit at GameStop.