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Monday, March 28, 2011

Kilplix Plays Nightmare House 2 FIVE of FOUR?!


  1. I was expecting something to happen so I watched the whole thing. I want my 11 minutes back.

  2. What the....
    well that was just all around Pleasant <3

  3. I saw another easter egg in this clip:
    Kilplix's Lemonade. :3

  4. I was surprised that this is an ACTUAL EASTER EGG. I thought it was just some GMod video that somebody made... :\

  5. That music is Soooo additive!
    Stup up woman and get on my horse
    Look at my horse...
    ...when you tud on its winky
    Ooo, that's noodie
    ...Look at my horse

  6. Thanks for showing the easter egg :D hope you enjoy it

  7. Ive got another Easter egg for you

    Warning this will actually scare the death out of you if you do it in-game without expecting it (like me.....I still see that face when I try to go to sleep)

    So if you don't like spoilers to ruin the experience then don't watch it

    Just so you know where the easter egg is if your not going to watch the video:
    Go to area where the shadows appear and hurt you and go all the way to the end and go through the door left of the white one. One in and remove the planks resting against the wall. You will find a light switch, turn it on and off continuously.

    Fans of Yume Nikki will know where this is going.....

  8. Hey Austin, I think that you should do a play through of Oblivion.

  9. At 5:39 kilplix is a giant horse dick. Is he saying something about himself?

  10. Methinks that Austin here should give the numerous other easter eggs in this game. Personally, I was hoping to see his initial reaction to this - I'm sure it would have almost been as funny as the easter egg itself.

  11. That....was..............Awesome!

  12. Full Lyrics:

    Might not look like they re accurate, but if you listen carefully they are.

    Look at my horse,
    my horse is amazing
    Give it a lick
    Hmm, It tastes just like raisins

    I have a stroke of it's mane
    It turns into a plane
    And then it turns back again
    When you tug on it's winky
    Ohh that's dirty

    Do you think so?
    Well I'd better not show you
    where the lemonade is made
    Sweet lemonade
    Mmm sweet lemonade
    Sweet lemonade
    Yeah sweet lemonade

    Get on my horse
    I'll take you round the universe
    And all the other places too

    I think you'll find that the universe
    pretty much covers everything
    Shut up woman get on my horse!

    (Repeat till your brain explodes by its awesomeness)

  13. that song... i'm still wondering what the heck that was.

  14. Why do I feel I was just Rickrolled? involved 'Horse pop'. >: