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Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Poll: How often do you hurt yourself accidentally?

This poll is: How often do you hurt yourself on accident?

What made me to decide this one is because of my throbbing toe right now, I was trying out my brothers 3DS (which is friggin cool btw) and was playing this mini game built into the system, you place a card on the table and you pretty much play games on the table with the camera, I was shooting arrows at targets, and the boss was a dragon, I had to literally move myself out of the way of fireballs coming at me, it's very very cool.

Anyway I had to move around the table to shoot the dragon from the back, and I kicked a space heater, freaking hurt so bad, and it's bruised like mad. will hurt for days.

Anyway point i'm trying to make is i'm a freaking klutz, I hurt myself at LEAST once a day, mostly it's a FEW TIMES A DAY.  I can be sitting in my chair at the pc and just manage to hurt myself, like roll the chair wheel over my foot, hit my knee on the desk, elbow.  Fall downstairs, fall upstairs, bite half my tongue off, cut my arm when putting PC together.

I could go on for hours typing my many lovely ways I hurt myself stupidly.


  1. I hate when I'm eating and I bite the inside of my cheek.

  2. I can't see in the dark for shit. SO whenever I try to walk down stairs at night it's a catastrophe.

  3. Reminds me of a brilliant conversation I had with my online buddy a few weeks ago...

    Me "...your injury skills are amazing"
    Her "Yes, I'm just a danger to myself.
    I should be locked in a padded room
    With a straightjacket that only has rubber clasps. DULL, rounded rubber clasps"
    Me "I think you need a curvedjacket
    straight is too dangerous"
    Her "And I should be given bowls to eat and drink out of. "
    Me "with sanded edges"
    Her "So I don't poke my eye out or nuthin"
    Me "Or cut your lip open"
    Her "And they ought to dull my teeth while they're at it..."
    Me "How could you poke your eye out with a bowl...
    ....nevermind, you could find a way"
    Her "I'd manage
    Believe me, I would
    I'd find a sharp corner on it
    Bowls don't have corners"

  4. Well, once I felt something under my tongue!

    It wasn't hurting but it was somewhat ticklish!

    I went to the mirror and I saw reaalyy small pieces of flesh hanging from my tongue!O.o

    I had accidentally hurt it between my teeth and I hadn't even realized it!

  5. I've got scars all over and my friends are no longer suprised if I hurt myself, since I do it many times a days ^^'

  6. Speaking of Bitting your Tongue,
    How is yours???
    that was a huge hole you put in there :\

    and I do manage to hurt myself aleast once a day...bad luck.

  7. "I hurt myself...
    I saw."

    ^What I think every time I accidentally hurt myself.

  8. Also though not very often I tend to hurt myself in a variety of ways accidentally

    - Walking into something
    - Bashing my toe/foot against something inanimate
    - Laying out (ultimate frisbee)
    - cut myself of something sharp

  9. Well, I cut my hands every time I built a PC in work =/ but after that, nah. My cat in the other hand...poor thing, he's so small and klutzy that you think it's cute when he hurts himself accidentally.

    BTW, with all those things doubt you scream so much (and so loud) O;

  10. Heh. I'm rather a tall person, so there never goes a day when I don't hit my head on something... usually something hard. It hurts, ahah.

  11. Same as Nyvien here, i've got scars all over my face and hands.

  12. well, I work in a kitchen, and me and all the sharp things do not have a good relation :P so at least once a day. Other than that, I'd bump my toe or head against something or w/e

  13. Over the years I've hurt myself while free-running, whether it be by bumping my knee into something I'm trying to speed-vault over, or landing butt-first onto concrete (which happened in Winter last year because of some stupid ice patch next to the wall I was doing a trick on), etc. etc. and the pain is just normal to me and I don't freak out over getting a small cut or anything. :P I wish one of the options in the poll was "At least once a year" because I don't really hurt myself that often anymore, so I just went for "Every month or so".

  14. Mines my elbows. I'm skinny enough that when i bend my arm, the joint opens up in a way that's like a sign: 'Hey! Funny bone here! slam some stuff into it!' and then my arms numb for the next ten minutes.

    If you mean embarrassing, one of the things I never grew out of (though by god, I need to, by now) is my bizarre tendency to be easily amused and attempt to emulate it. so after playing a few bits of Assassin's creed, I tucked a Letter opener sword thing into my Coat sleeve, and practiced flicking my wrist just enough to pop the blade into my hand. Around the fifth time, I popped it into my had, raised my left hand up as if marking a target, and Thrust the sword Letter-opener into my imaginary victim.

    Unfortunately, I was a bit too eager, and drove the blade into my hand as well. I had to use the bandages right, otherwise I probably would've needed stitches for my own stupidity.

    But Sssshhh! As far as it's concerned, I tripped and cut my hand on the sharp edged of the spokes running up the stairs. :D

  15. I'd say I bump into a table/my computer desk with my foot/knee/elbow at LEAST once a day, if I'm lucky. Multiple times daily on a bad one. And of course, there's me biting my cheeks and tongue. I think the only for me to live safely is in a room without furniture.
    ...and no doors.
    ...and while we're at it, no corners.

  16. I'm pretty aware of my surroundings. At the most often, probably once every two weeks. But more likely once every month.

  17. That reminds me of this one time that me and my buddy Keith tried to make homemade fireworks, cuz we're like "Hey, gasoline burns, right?" Third-degree burns on 90% of his body!

    In other news, it's pretty much a few times a day, usually stubbing my toe on something. (I walk duck-footed.) If it's not that, I hit my elbow on something, or smack the back of my foot against one of the chair legs. Or burn myself on food. Or bite my cheek when eating. Or...

  18. ive always had a rivalry against... (pause for dramatic effect)pinecones. yes... pinecones and ice patches. one day i was skateboarding and wen down my friends driveway it was slanted and went over a pinecone i fell on my back and got a few cuts on my back from the asphalt. an example for the ice patch is me and my friend were running around and we saw a brickwall about 5 ft tall my friend said i bet you cant jump that so i ran up to it put my hands on it to lift my self over and slid off face first landed on the left side of my face... ouch. but the thing i always do. i get up out of bed put on a shirt run down stairs to play xbox and hit my knee right on the corner of the coffee table every single tim no matter how much i try i somehow manage to hit it. and all the other stuff etc.

  19. Welp. Let's see. I fell down the stairs a few weeks ago, and just yesterday tore my back muscle to the point of hospitalization making a mistake with lifting weights. Not to count the multiple bruises, cuts and scrapes I get on a daily basis.

    I'm just a klutz. A cute one, though, but still.

  20. i hit myself on things all the time but im big so instead of me getting hurt its my desk witch pretty much broke in half or the door witch fell off the hindges or sometimes i trip and bump into a wall and i make a big hole but if i think about it i always hit things with my elbows and knees and the only time it hurts is when i stub my big toe or smack my shins on something.Although my friends always say im very clumsy

  21. I hit my head because of how tall I am.:D