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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Magfest try #2

The simple fact is we need to get Tate here, I find it retarded of a thought to be going to get him and missing out on Magfest.

So I decided to go, BUT not go all 4 days, just saturday, that's when all the big crap is going on that I want to see pretty much. uematsu avgn etc.

doing it this way is going to save me like 500 dollars so it's way better on the wallet.

So I'm leaving tomorrow, will stay at a hotel, then get to Tate's place the next day, then we'll head to the hotel by Magfest and get there Friday, leaving Sunday back to Florida.

Wish us luck, hopefully it'll all go smoothly.


  1. Good luck to you both!
    This calls for good old fashion Travel Music:

  2. All right! Be sure to record the trip to there and take lots of pictures with Tate! :)

  3. Hope to see you guys on saturday!!

  4. Goodluck! I'm excited for the both of you :)

  5. Good luck mate, and glad to hear Tate is moving in. Also I second SirHellsing's comment, video(s) and/or pictures would be awesome sauce.

  6. Good luck mate hope taqte and you get back to florida after magfest