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Sunday, January 29, 2012

regarding my kilplix plays skyrim vids


  1. cool, yeah very much agree some of those can be really boring but between the ones I watched and watching you stream it there is definitely some good stuff from that play through, so take your time with them

  2. Haters gonna hate. I like your Skyrim videos just fine.

  3. i actualy like the snore fest just to see what happens in between or else i feel incomplete so if you could upload those too that would be good (i know your talking about the old ones i mean future videos)

  4. Haters gonna hate. I like your Skyrim videos just fine.

    This, so much. Yeah man, your Skyrim stuff is good already. I enjoy watchin 'em. I feel that if you're going to do edits, they should be kept to a minimum. (i.e. - walking long distances where nothing happens.)

    My only complaint? I wish you'd upload them more often :)

  5. I think you should change the way your face looks at the end of videos. Like at the end of Skyrim let's plays you should have that picture. And at the end of Minecraft let's plays it should be all pixelized.

  6. I agree
    no edits
    let it be all natural
    it sorta gives a nice feel to it
    leave un-edited