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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Through the pain

I spent all day drawing this, I'll just paste what I put on my Deviant art (

Was laying in bed last night and like every night before sleep I was being bombarded by thoughts, images, regrets, feelings, you name it. 

And this image popped into my head, I decided to try and draw it the next day, I spent most of the day on it, I'm usually totally unhappy with my drawings but this one turned out alright, I'm sure I messed up with anatomy and whatever else but hey, I haven't drawn in a long time.

This image literally represents my life for a long time, It's a never ending battle and the only thing that keeps me pushing forward is that small ball of hope. A hope that someday, somehow things will be alright.

The key is to keep pushing forward else be consumed by it all entirely, I've allowed that to happen way to many times.

At least I can say that I haven't given up.


  1. Really good drawing and touching story.

  2. Funny. a few years ago I had a very similar drawing idea in mind and based on the same trouble with my thoughts. It never got made and I doubt it would have been as good as yours. Awesome work.

  3. As a self proclaimed happy doctor, I prescribe 30 minutes of funny cat videos every time you feel down, for the next 7 days.

  4. Kilplix, Ryzom here. I have been a fan of you for nearly 2 - 3 years, watching your videos, posting links to my friends, you name it. I would just like to say, You are not alone my friend. True, i haven't met you, but your videos have brought endless hours of laughter induced tears, both to me and my friends. its sad, to see you struggling through such a battle, but remember this: no matter what anyone says, battle on, for your life depends on it, and we care, and always care. Soldier on, kilplix! we're right here behind you!
    ~a fan.

  5. No matter how much things will beat you down...always cling to that small ball of hope. Through thick and thin, no matter how dark things get, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It is always darkest before dawn, and sometimes, that darkness may linger, but it will always be banished by the light of the sun.

    A great, deep picture and story.

  6. Poorly drawn and emo as all hell.

    No thank you.

  7. Dude,you have a very popular youtube channel.You may not be totally famous but as for video game related youtube videos your up there.

    Your CONSTANTLY BITCHING. Everyone is having problems in life,and you know what,if we had a thing going like you do I'm pretty sure our frowns would be upside down.

    Just imagine how depressed you would be if your youtube fame disappeared over night. Imagine no people reading your blog,or giving a damn period. Makes you grateful for your fans huh?Yeah remember those people...

    1. Thank you. You pretty much just summed up my feelings towards all this angst-ridden nonsense perfectly.

  8. Nice Drawing :)
    it's nice to know that your fighting against such thoughts
    I've been a fan since nearly the very start of your channel, I wish you alot of luck in 2012