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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flash Game Review: High Vaultage

I'm starting a flash game review series for the folks over at Nerdyshow, here's my first one.

Also here's the link to the site


  1. Nice, though all I suggest is sounding just a tiny bit more happy/energetic. I mean, obvious don't go off into, "H3Y THERE KIDDIOS IT'S ME, KILPLIPYLIX-OR@!" I'm obviously exaggerating, but you get the point.

    Still, nice review of the game :)

  2. Hello, Kilplix! You've got a good thing going on here and I hope it develops into something bigger for you. It's a good review, but let me offer some tips to make it into a great review.

    -As the person above said, you need to sound more enthusiastic about the game you're reviewing, unless it's a really crappy game. Sounding interested about the game will make viewers interested in you reviewing the game lol.

    -Do you record on a single take? I noticed a few 'umms' in your review (unless it was intentionally used) and I can't help but feel as if you're trying to search for something to say. You should try to make the review 'flow' so that the viewer can have a nice time listening. Try to record one segment of the review, cut, then record the next segment. It wouldn't hurt to rehearse or make notes about the points you're going to say either!

    -Give it a clear structure. I couldn't really tell what you were talking about until about halfway into the point. Try to structure it so that the viewer can tell what you're talking about. "First of all, this game..." "Now, the control system..." "Furthermore, the gameplay..."

    -(Now this one is more optional than the others (?)) Don't be afraid to show off your 'Kilplix'!

    Of course, you don't have to follow my advice. But I really hope this is a start of something for you.

    Good Luck, Kilplix!