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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I went to da beach

The friend that I've done a few things with while living here invited me to go to the beach with him and his friends, you bet I went.

It was such a very nice time, i'm so glad I went. Just standing out in the water watching the waves as they crash into you over and over is somehow a very peaceful experience, at least it was for me. I stood out in the water for a good while, very enjoyable, I also got to socialize with people which is new for me lately.

I still managed to get sunburned even though I put on sunscreen, oh well!

Also this was the first time I think in my entire life that I legitimately got to show off my hot bod, woo woooo


  1. See, i knew things would get better for you Kilplix =)

  2. I know you probably dont remember me saying this in a live chat aaaa long time ago!

    But one of my suggestions was going to the beach, its awesome, I did the same as you, i moved to florida from sweden with my family, we knew nobody there, but i always remember loving going to the beach, even if it was just with my family cause standing in the warm water just enjoying the waves and a cool coke or something in your hands its just perfect. nothing bothers ya!

    Im happy things are looking up! Keep at it !

  3. After your first time at the beach, you never forget the smell. The salty scent along with the distant sound that can only be one thing, crashing waves. Nothing on this planet makes you feel more excited.

    Own apartment? Check.
    Beach? Check.
    Next step... woe-mannn. ;)

    Happy you're enjoying yourself, Austin. Keep the laughs coming. :)

  4. The beach is something you never forget, and always want to return to. This was just the first of many trips, I can assure you.

  5. It feels good to have a good time. I'm happy that your enjoying with others in the beach, Mr. Austin.