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Friday, March 9, 2012

Wtf is this kony crap

srsly why's everyone want kony in 2012? it's all I see on youtube comments anymore, there's only one way to eat them and they have hardly any meat on them.

What we DO need is a few good taters

And don't worry, I promise I'll share the load!

Oh, sam..


  1. I remember the first time I watched the loop of share the load... Rest assured, I shared it after that. My brain wouldn't allow me to do anything else!

  2. You know what that Kony crap stuff is stupid.Its only some dude in Africa trying to Act like a friggin Peter pan
    In actuality its some dude collecting up children to make an army out of children.Turning boys to soldiers and girls into junior prostitutes.

    Its pretty stupid to me now they have been doing this crap for how long and only now they act up on it.Its like the crap going on in Asia.Little boys dressing up as female prostitutes and all that crap.

    well No one gives a crap anymore.Its up to the Little kids they have to power to break out why don't they?