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Monday, September 20, 2010

been streamin a lot, also Amnesia is the scariest game EVER

if you wanna keep up with my livestream, I highly recommend joining the steam fangroup, I almost always make a post there that i'm streaming and you'll get a popup on steam telling you that I made the post.

streamed my whole game of Amnesia so far, and I'll tell you guys what..

scariest game i've played since silent Hill.. if you want to watch my playthrough you can go to my livestream and scroll down, it has all my streams recorded down there and you can watch whatever.


  1. i wish he would post his live stream cuz i have NO idea where to find it :I

  2. @I_I_SPARTA

  3. omg austin i was so close to sh!ting my pants!!!!!! what time did you play the game its scary as hell!!!!

  4. Hey Austin, watched your Livestream this weekend, it's completly different than just watching your vids on YouTube.
    I just can't watch all of it "live" cuz i live in europe and I ther's a time shift from 6 - 7 h -.-
    I also play on the Monk's Militia BC2 server when ever I can, but it only starts getting full at 2 or 3 AM here.
    Any way, keep it up Austin!

  5. I stayed up all night to watch it last Friday. It was well worth it XD. Brilliant moments and hilarious zombies and that freaking creepy invisible fish. cant w8 till this weekend.

  6. I have been following you when you're streaming, but with our time differences and all I'm at school when you stream, so watching your records and have to say, it's much more entertaining watching it without all the editing, I can see the entire storyline and level of a game.