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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Donaters, I give you my autograph, Also want my vids on DVD with higher quality, extra content, commentary etc?

Here's the thing, I feel almost guilty to those awesome people that have donated to me and get nothing in return.

So an idea has come to me, First off, this is definite: Anyone that has/will send 5 dollars or more ARE getting my autograph, I'll write out your name even if you want, just specify in the donation, maybe draw a silly picture for you too.

And here's my maybe, this is up to you guys, lets say those that donate up to 15 dollars or more will receive a DVD with a collection of my videos. Higher quality, possible extra content (Jed and codys outtakes from the 20K sub vid for example), commentary from me and POSSIBLY the others on certain videos (I'll make comments on nearly every vid i'm sure though).

I'll have a set of DVDs, if you donate the 15 or more, specify in the donation which DVD you want, and I'll send that.

The DVD's I have planned so far are as followed:

Funny moments collection

Reviews (obviously these will be many DVD's, I'll need to make volumes specifying what ones are on what volumes)

Meet Con (with outtakes) and shorts (funny tank fight, leaving safe room fail, witch makes Jed freak, 20K sub video etc etc)

Typical Night of FAILS

RE 5 playthrough (just need to edit the rest lolool)


and say you want more than 1 DVD, you want others as well, well it'd go as followed:

1 DVD: 15 dollars
2 DVDs: 30 Dollars
3 DVDs: 45 Dollars
4 DVDs: 55 Dollars
5 DVDs 70 dollars
etc etc

Of course I think it'd only be fair to offer cheaper prices for bundles, I'd have to work that out (tired right now brain is deaded lolol) on how much I should do for bundles but you get the idea.

and when/if I make the DVD's I'll email those that have ALREADY donated and ask them what DVD's they'd like (example: will send 4 DVD's to those lovable guys that sent me 50)

REMEMBER THIS IS JUST AN IDEA RIGHT NOW (except for the autograph, def sending you guys that), i'm not calling the DVD's official yet (though I really have a feeling it's going to happen), you want this to happen? vote in the poll you see to yer leffft.

And remember, those that donate NOW will still be eligible for the DVD's in the future

and to make it clear again, 5 dollars and I WILL send you my autograph FOR SURE.

so let the voting begin guys, I really do feel bad for not giving anything to the ones that have donated so far, so I really really want to make up for that with this idea.


  1. I love the idea! If it's possible, what if we donate 50 dollars for 10 autographs? Lol, just kidding. (Maybe)

    But I would donate regardless because I love your videos!

  2. Austin i have yet to donate yet, money is a big issue for me as well, but I have started putting money back for you as I can afford too.

    Giving a gift is a wonderful thing, it is only human to want to give something in return, these videos are really the perfect way for you to thank us, we all love your videos and wouldn't donate a cent if we care about you more than just a funny internet guy. As creepy as that came off we all like...sorry love your videos the donations are from the heart so that you can have less stress in your life and the kindest way to repay us is to give us these videos.

    Austin, Jed, Con, Jonna, Cody, everyone part of Kilplix N Friends, i speak on behalf of the fans when i say, thank you for making these videos, you awesome son's of a frik's.

  3. Robin doesn't give gifts expecting retaliatory gifts.

    Like I said on my E-mail reply, I'm just glad to be of some small use, rawr.

    Though then again, having proper DvDs to watch for hours on end would be groovy... I'm a bit of a nut about "Cast Commentary" as they say too; it doubles the time I can enjoy silly things.

    Still, as I said on the E-mail, all I ask in return, is that if you happen to meet any cute Japanese girls (Ideally ones that can wield magic) then forward one to me.

    ...Why are the others looking at me like that? o.o

  4. OMG kilplix dvd's Luv Luv. But i live in Australia :( you should maybe put up an online store to make things easier with currency conversion and air mail for the 2 of us that don't live anywhere near the US? I know I'd buy all your dvds

  5. Now that I think about it, shouldn't ~I~ be giving ~YOU~ my autograph, Kilplix?

    I mean, you guys are good, no question, but your might pales in comparison to mine! Especially at Super Smash Brothers Melee. >3

    There is a reason the locals called me the Legendary RobDeLaMorte you know. Bah ha ha hah!

    I just wish it were able to be played online, I'd show you and Jebediah that I'm even more awesome than Con to the power of SIX!

  6. I would buy it if you offered a downloadable version so I didn't have to deal with international postage time/price.

  7. hmmm james has a good point if i couldnt get the dvd's delivered internationaly and digital copies were my only option i'd get them all digitaly. Kilplix, you should definatly look into your distribution options people make money with digital games,music and movies too ;)

  8. Alright, here's an idea for this... Merchandise... Idea.

    Say someone in australia donates and would like an autograph, but the shipping price to this would be rather high for Austin, being in the USA and what not... Sure nothing like 200$ shipping.

    So instead of that, maybe Con could give his autograph instead? Seeing's he's in Aussie already... Obviously if the fan really wanted Austin's autograph, I'm sure it'd be fine.

    The same goes for people in the European area... Just with Jonna...

    Now for people in the states, maybe Austin, Jed, and Cody can all sign it, then have it be sent to the dona tor/fan.

    And maybe for, like, 10+ $ donation you can get everyone's signature? Meh, I dunno :P

    Austin, you need to be careful if you do distribute DvDs... Making a profit off of content that you don't own can fall into Copyright Infringement.

    Aka - Footage of Left 4 Dead, or RE5...

    Though if you do consider it and decide to go with it, then I'm sure you can easily gain permission or take your chance.

    ~~~Kilplix FTW!!!~~~

  9. @Navy1227 Jonna lives in florida not europe....Also great idea for the dvds kilplix, I put copyrighted music in some of the videos that I sold and didn't get in trouble (then again I put the info for them at the end of the vids), I think that as long as you give credit to the company who owns the software, aka valve, then it will be ok.

  10. If only I could give a donation...dammit

  11. hopefully that works out as well with my phone... otherwise not autograph for me ._.

  12. I think that's an awesome idea. If I had the money I'd send you some. Maybe eventually I'll get some.

    I just hope you aren't going to be getting in over your head on this idea. Also, I think commentary would be fun to listen to if you had the time to record it.

  13. I'm all for it - however, living in Europe (Britain) it might be an idea for you to make digital copies as well for people to download if they live somewhere that the postage might be difficult? Also, as navy1227 said, be careful about copyrights - Valve especially are a bit anxious when it comes to people making a profit from their software (E.g. SmoothFewFilms and their series "The Leet World") and they, as of last year at least, refused to license it out. I'm sure it will be fine, but it's best to check and make sure!
    Oh, and a digital copy would make my donation come all the sooner :D

  14. By autographs you mean shirtless photos, right? I hope you mean shirtless photos.


    ... *looks around*

    ...WHAAAAAT. I'd pay for those! >:

  15. I keep telling him he should autograph a photo of himself shirtless and flexing in front of a waterfall.

    "Love, Austin xoxo"

  16. Ooooooooo that's quite a pitch, Mr. Trujillo. I believe I'd be for it. I only wonder if I could scrape some money up around here somewhere...

  17. Kilplix, the second you confirm that you will make DVDs expect $70 for the DVDs and an extra $5 for an autograph.

    I have been waiting for you to make DVDs for god knows how long now.

  18. No-one ever asks ME for shirt-less photos... They don't even ask for NORMAL photos!

    I mean, I know I'm ultra-creepy looking, but that's entirely not the point! ><

    It's a well known fact that masses of evil points make you look creepier, so I can't really help that, rawr...

    *Slinks underneath a sofa and peers out*

  19. I think one of the best rewards you could to Austin is if they donate as much as $100 they could play with you about one time or two. sounds fair to be but that is just me

  20. I would really love that Austin, but I live in Brazil. I feel really sorry for don't having money, my dear bud, but I could try to buy if you put them on sale online (don't forget the copyrights, so no one can steal your awesome art, I mean, really! What YOU do IS ART!)

    I rather scorpions and tigers than lizards and snakes, still, lizards are funny and snakes reminds me from Metal Gear Solid serie, so, I'm OK with them all, just want to keep distance from snakes and scorpions, as well untrained savage tigers O_O'


    I always said I would rather a autograph from Austin than from Stalone, Shwaznegger, Van Dame and even Jet Li! I'm talking serious! I rather your autograph than theirs *-*