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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


long ago, Burger king came out with a new burger called the angry whopper, it was the best burger i've ever tasted next to wendys 5 alarm chicken sandwhich (RIP).

as soon as it came, it was gone, me and my brother mourned the loss heavily, and continued to do so.

today we went to burger king, and what did I SEE? ANGRY WHOPPERS BACK FOR YOU AND ME

so happy and full yummm


  1. I love the angry whopper! It was the best!!!!!!!! I need to go to BK tomorrow.

  2. wait a minute you have a brother and a sister did i miss something

  3. Just like McDonald's Mcrib. Seems like all these fast-food restaurants are bringing back these tasty (possibly not good for your health :P) meals.
    Never tasted an Angry Whopper before... I probably should!

  4. my dad works at wendy's he remembers the 5 alarm sandwich

  5. oh the angry whopper... my friend ried to eat it in one sitting.. ended up sweating bullets for about a hour saying that "its about time fast food kicked my ass" this was coming from the same guy who ate subways the feast with double meat.. either way i love angry whoppers :D

  6. Austin... come on now.

    (Nutrition Facts – 1 burger – 880 calories,
    55 grams of fat,
    18 grams of saturated fat,
    2 grams of trans fat,
    110 milligrams of cholesterol,
    1670 milligrams of sodium,
    59 grams of carbs,
    3 grams of dietary fiber,
    13 grams of sugar,
    37 grams of protein, and minutes of regret.)

  7. I work at a BK in Indiana and it's not back here yet. Good thing too because I hated making them and they weren't spicy at all.

  8. dude, you should totally make a video of u eating one

  9. You've never had a real burger.

  10. I'm kind of skeptical attempting to consume a pissed-off sandwich...

  11. what bk do you go to? I went to bk today, and there was no angry whopper