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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poll results, what was your first system?

82 (3%)

340 (16%)

333 (15%)

Sega master system
74 (3%)

Sega Genisis
245 (11%)

422 (20%)

nintendo 64
493 (23%)

382 (18%)

69 (3%)

Playstation 2
202 (9%)

128 (6%)

81 (3%)

gameboy advanced
137 (6%)

47 (2%)

Xbox 360
106 (5%)

67 (3%)

Nintendo DS
60 (2%)

61 (2%)

141 (6%)

I honestly did not expect the N64 to be the most, surprised me quite a bit. then second place was the original gameboy? wows

nice to see NES and SNES up there too.

141 of you voted OTHER, i'd like to know what it was, so let me know in the comments


  1. If I were to guess, arcade machines could fall under "Other." Perhaps, the unsuccessful VirtualBoy. Other than those two, I would have no idea.

  2. mine was sega mega drive, which is a different console from the genesis but i clicked genesis because that was the closest option.

  3. What's the name of the map you guys are reviewing? Have you talked to Con lately? Have you played COD Black Ops yet?

  4. i had a really old version... i think it was the first version of the Nintendo console

  5. The PC was my first "gaming" system if you count child educational games.

    GB was my first actual system, and the first game on it? Pokemon Red. Still have it to this day. Very loyal pokemon fan at 20 years of age.

    Sad thing is my parents never got me a system until the PS2 so I had to mooch off neighbors, friends, and cousins to play the Dreamcast, N64, PS1, etc.

  6. "Sad thing is my parents never got me a system until the PS2 so I had to mooch off neighbors, friends, and cousins to play the Dreamcast, N64, PS1, etc. " Same thing with me.

  7. SNES was my first console. My mother got it for me and Super Mario World was my first game. I don't even remember asking for it or knowing what video games were at the time of getting it now that I think about it.

    I remember getting stuck at Iggy's Castle (#1) for the longest time though. But when I got past that and saw the rest of the game world I was thinking, "Oh my gosh! There's so much for me to do in this game!" But for some reason the rest of the game was a breeze for me, from what I remember.

  8. My first system was the Pegasus. It was a clone of the NES. Pegasus was very popular in Poland, so almost everyone had it.

  9. Mine was an Intellivision. It was pretty hardcore.

  10. When I was 8, I had a SNES, original grey-brick Gameboy, a Sega Gensis, and an Atari Lynx. That thing ROCKED during long car rides to New York to visit grandma. It only took 10 C batteries or something like that.

  11. My other vote was for the LYNX. First handheld gaming console :D still have all the games working on it too, w00teth!

  12. I still hate you for spelling Genesis wrong.

  13. My first game system was the commodore 64. I think I was about 4 so I'm surprised I can still remember it. Had Batman and Bubble Bobble, still one of the best co-op games I've ever played.

  14. Just so you know, I hate you too for spelling Genesis wrong. >3> And that's cause it was the first system I got.

    Heh...I remember seeing the original gameboy recently and I was all..."What the hell. This things a friggin gray brick. Was it supposed to be THAT big?" Ah evolution.

    The fact that most people had N64s prolly should say how a majority of gamers here are probably the younger, naive gen who were unfortunately not part of the golden age of gaming. >3>

  15. First system I ever owned was the Super Nintindo. I got it when I was three I think. Still had it up until two years ago when it finally died on me. Had quite a few old games on it from Final Fantasy, Mortal Kombat, to Super Mario World. After that it was the Gameboy Color with Pokemon Red (back when it was actually possible to catch 'em all) then the PS1 with Crash Team Racing.

  16. Yeah, my first system was the Genesis so I picked other because, as Jonna pointed out, you spelled it wrong.

  17. My first was the dreamcast. I love the dreamcast. No one else that i know does though, which makes me sad... forever alone.

  18. My first was a gameboy gray brick.. :) although I started playing around on super mario on the NES at my grandmas house ^^ After the gray brick, I got a gameboy advance with Pokemon Crystal :D