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Monday, November 8, 2010

My Super Nintendo list

My list of games I've played and/or beaten

X represents a beaten game

Games that never end (IE tetris, pinball etc) and I've played a lot are marked as beaten.

I don't list games that I've played for just a few minutes or so, this list is games I've spent at least a few hours playing. and sports games, they're all the same! I generally will leave them out unless I remember them specifically.

now I KNOW i'm missing quite a few games because I was younger and don't remember what all I played. also I did this list through wikipedia, and since it isn't perfect I've spotted PLENTY of missing games from the lists.

And here's the list, I'll put up the other systems in the future, the link to all of them will be on the left for quicker access

(if you don't wanna see all the games and my personal notes just scroll to the bottom to see how many games i've played and beaten total)

THE SNES, one of the best consoles ever, def in my top 3, such amazingly epic memories, it has the best game ever made.. CHRONO TRIGGER, thank you SNES, love you



  1. lol Chrono Trigger three times? And YEY Earthworm Jim, Harvest Moon,LEGEND OF ZELDA (^^), Mario Paint!!! Ah such fond memories come back to me :3 glad to know you always had good taste in video games, also Secret of Mana? I dunno what this is even about but I HAVE heard of it. Since you did not beat it I guess that it was not that good of a game.

  2. Chrono Trigger? FFVI? Gradius 3? Earthbound? Awesome. It only saddens me that you haven't played Secret of Mana and Secret of Evermore. Both are rather similar RPGs and if you ever crave a game from the said gender, I'd recommend them.

  3. ^^^ wait what.. I did play them, I just never beat them

  4. Nuuuuuuuurd~

    Unfortunately, I only ever had the Sega Genesis to play with in my youth. Man, those were awesome memories. The only SNES game I've played was Super Mario Bros 2: Yoshi's Island. PLENTY of replay value alone with that, and I watched people play it for hours (since I don't own it and kids those days were selfish douches).

    Good times. Good times.

  5. All hail Kilplix lord of teh nintendo.

  6. TMNT: Turtles in Time...

    MAN such good memories. Would have my friends come over just to play through the game over and over again, only we would play with just 2 people at a time and switch out the players to get different styles and combinations :D CRAZY STUFF!

  7. Sorry for the double post; but since I saw "Starfox" on your list, I can't get the music out of my head from the first level in the N64 version. LOL

  8. Played my first Wing Commander game on this system.

    Saturday Night Slam Masters is a great wrestling/fighting game by Capcom as well.

  9. I remember in my youth, most of my SNES games were... crap. I somehow went through the entire 16-bit era without Mario games. Dunno how I lived before review sites. I still wish I had gotten Earthbound. Or FFVI. Or any RPG for that matter. The only decent game I had was Super Metroid. How come you never beat it...?

  10. @Kilplix Well then wow, you really know your games; kudos to you.

  11. What? The great zombie killer Kilplix has never played Zombies Ate My Neighbors!? Shame on you Austin. You ought to try and find a copy and play it with Jed and the gang whenever you guys get together next. After seeing all your videos I predict Jed hording all the weapons and powerups, while running off at the first sight of the Chainsaw Maniac.

  12. Sorry, Chrono Trigger is awesome, but Twilight Princess is the best game ever because of...Midna. Full stop. ♥

  13. I'm guessing you've beaten Star Fox's three paths? And did you get all the secrets?

    I also found you can make Star Fox a LOT harder if you play it on an emulator since everything runs so smoothly.