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Saturday, November 20, 2010

oh geez... minecraft

I never understood the Minecraft craze, never interested me.

I was bored the other night and a friend told me they were playing the bought version by torrenting it, so I said what the heck and asked for the link.

and honestly I didn't even see the appeal the first night of playing.

next day, all day, same thing, I'd play it a little here and there, and I got super bored and decided to see how far I could dig downwards.

just, heres the convo where I told Jonna

[10:30] Austin: finishing up playing minecraft
[10:30] Jonna: How is it?
[10:31] Austin: it's...
[10:31] Austin: something else
[10:31] Jonna: Why?
[10:32] Austin: well for me
[10:32] Austin: heres how insane it got
[10:32] Austin: I burrowed into the side of a mountain
[10:32] Austin: and for kicks and boredom I was making hallways and rooms and crap
[10:32] Austin: then started digging lower, making staircases and stuff leading down
[10:32] Austin: and I thought I wonder how far down I can dig?
[10:33] Austin: so i made like this seemingly endless staircase going down
[10:33] Austin: and I was wondering if it ever ended
[10:33] Austin: suddenly though, I dug a block, and there was a hole
[10:33] Austin: leading into some sort of cave
[10:33] Austin: I started recording from there
[10:34] Austin: it's this gigantic cavern
[10:34] Austin: with tons upon tons of branching paths
[10:34] Austin: I came across rivers and lava rivers
[10:34] Austin: and some good ore to mine, rarer ore
[10:34] Austin: I still havent explored it all
[10:35] Jonna: Wow
[10:35] Austin: I cant believe how far down it keeps going though!
[10:35] Austin: I thought I'd hit the limit with the stairs
[10:35] Austin: but that just came upon that gigantic honycomb cavern
[10:36] Jonna: Maybe it just goes forevar
[10:36] Austin: seems like it
[10:36] Austin: friiick
[10:36] Austin: and I now see where the addiction can come in
[10:36] Austin: cause I had to go back to the surface many times
[10:36] Austin: to restock, make more weapons and armor
[10:36] Jonna: Haha
[10:36] Austin: bring food to refill life
[10:36] Austin: cause theres enemies abound down there
[10:37] Austin: zombies and archer skeletons
[10:37] Austin: I died quit dang few times too
[10:37] Austin: I lost so much crap
[10:37] Austin: I was digging and hit a lava river, poured in on me
[10:37] Austin: like more than half of my stuff was gone when I made my way back down there
[10:37] Jonna: Yikes
[10:38] Austin: oh wow looks like I got diamonds
[10:38] Austin: thats the best ore in the game
[10:39] Jonna: Oooo
[10:39] Austin: I wonder if this guy voiced all the enemies
[10:39] Austin: haha
[10:39] Austin: probably
[10:48] Austin: oh man..
[10:48] Austin: I can make a mine cart track go down beside these stairs
[10:48] Jonna: Oh snap
[10:48] Jonna: The addiction grows

Anyway needless to say, I ended up just buying it, so I can get all future versions and what not. I streamed for like 5 hours last night on my livestream, good times.


  1. Haha, my friend is addicted to that game. It looks like fun, but I don't know if I want to sacrifice that many hours of my life...I also have an Apple computer (I know, a shame D:) so I don't think the game would work for me anyways.

  2. Welcome to Minecraft, I don't know nothing about livestream, but is there any chance that we are able to re-view it again even though it's not live?

  3. Any computer platform (pc, mac, linux) can run minecraft. You just have to meet the requirement like any other game.

    Remember this is still in beta right now a lot can change for the better before the official release.

  4. dude nice, think u can like post a link somewhere?

  5. Minecraft may have had a large popularity before this but for me I only started hearing about it once a guy called "Seanners" started posting videos of the game. First day he made a video of Minecraft, he posted a link to the website where you could download the game. The site crashed shortly after because of too much traffic.

  6. It isn't even in beta yet, it's still in alpha.

    If it wasn't for Cody I wouldn't even have known about this game. I'm partially addicted to it now. And now it has sucked you in too.

  7. And so another succumbs to the craze... Believe me, you are not the first, and you will not be the last.

  8. I love minecraft, I'm afraid to say I'm also an addict...

  9. it's nice to see you bringing back the word "abound"

  10. Ah god. I got addicted for a while and now everytime I livestream people beg for it, and frankly I'm sick of the game already. ;_;

    Once you've done most of everything it just doesn't seem worth the time anymore, but it's great to enjoy 'til then.

  11. The game is great. I didn't hear of it until it had made the TF2 blog. But I'm not quite addicted to it yet.

  12. Yea I know how you feel. ^.^ It didn't really look interesting to me and my friend found a torrent and told me to play it. I started to play it and how addicting it is. I still play it

  13. The first I heard of it was the TF2 blog, then all my Steam friends were talking about it, and now Austin's playing it...friiick, now I'm really really curious. It looks pretty darn fun. ^.^

  14. I'm considering buying it, but the Halloween update with the torches going out totally turned me off from that. How am I supposed to find the Glass Fortress now?!

  15. Love Minecraft! Idk if I'm quite an addict yet cause I don't have much time to play but I do really like it a lot.

  16. Now I'm hooked on it too! XD Gotta make that huge fortress with a forest growing out of the top of it.; )

  17. It Spreads!

    I can't wait for the minecraft videos that will inevitably come.

    P.S. Watch out for Him.


  18. um...did he say he torrented minecraft...WTF this is an indie game made by one guy (well it used to be) and you wont pay for it... that's kinda harsh, i understand that some people don't have the money for this sort of thing but i hope you don't do this with a lot of indie games

  19. He bought it in the end, it doesn't matter if he pirates it or not. Think of it as a demo.

  20. Glad to have you with us. I absolutely love that game. I haven't even messed around with half the stuff you can do yet. Can we look forward to some of these videos being posted, maybe?