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Thursday, October 14, 2010

my heart, it is touched.

I just got some donaters and i'm very touched by that you guys, really REALLY appreciate it.
so yeah, thank you nic and Jeff, and of course to all the previous ones, I'd seriously be like, completely out of money right now if not for you guys.

also thanks Phill for getting me some games on my wish list on steam, like seriously, that was too kind man.

I really am touched you guys, hits me in a good spot in the ol heart, means a lot.


  1. Wow those people are just too kind... they have hearts for everyone.. so does everyone else too. I'd like to donate, but just like Austin, I'm quite poor.

  2. I'd love to donate to you, but sadly i just don't have a job right now ):

  3. Loyal to the end.

    Hang in there, Austin. :)

  4. I should be thanking you Austin, whenever I was down I'd watch you guys and your vids, they truly made me laugh and just made me happy even in the bleakest of time. I knew that no matter what happened I could count on you blowing out your mics sound capabilities because Jed was hiding in a closet or Con lit you on fire.

    You guys are awesome, remember, your fans are here for you, every step of the way.

  5. Austin, you're a trooper. Anyone who has to put up Con's and Jed's shenanigans can handle anything life can throw at them.

    I've been having a tough life for the past few years, but I know in the end it'll all get better (despite failing school, unemployed, no girl, etc.)

    Also, this is Jeff, one of the donaters.
    A little story:
    My parent have my internet on lock down so at midnight EST the internet goes out. For the record, I sent in my donation at 11:58 so the entire time I was filling in the info it felt like I was defusing a bomb.

  6. See? Even a little good came outta a whole lotta crap. Anyway, I wanna say again, I wish you good luck for you and your father.

  7. I want to send games to you as ''kind of'' late birthday presents :) but i cant send them via steam if i dont have you on my friends list or your Email :(

  8. The universe will repay those who donated..but sadly I can't cause I'm only 13 but I'll donate when I get my Credit Card

  9. To be honest, Robin only donated because I thought Kilplix could use his fame and followers to hook me up with a cute Japanese girl, or something...

    And yes, sorry to disappoint everyone, but I'm STILL not quite dead yet.