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Thursday, October 14, 2010

October is full of fail

Let me tell you a tale of my horrible luck so far this month.

we'll start it off a few months ago actually, one day I noticed a big chunk of my tooth was missing, I have no idea how it happened, and I never felt it happen, I shrugged it off, was a back tooth, didnt hurt, so whatever.

well few weeks ago, it starts hurting, hurting bad, now its to the point where I dont chew on that side of my mouth, if water or food touches it, it hurts for like 20 mins.

avoiding dentist as long as I can, I don't want another huge freaking bill to be in debt to again.

so yeah, then Misty dies as you all know.

then a week or so ago my dad collapses at work, they send him home, he goes to the doctor, he has a big black mass in his lungs, getting a CAT scan tomorrow, most likely lung cancer, i'm terrified.

last saturday my MP3 player died.

last monday was such insanity with bad luck. I went to mow lawns at the post office (one of the few ways of getting money), and i'm having a miserable time with the gas pumps not working for me. as i'm driving to the post office I can feel it, I think to myself "Some star just aligned for my sake to make today suck"

I get to the post office and I think "You watch.. the mower wont start."  It actually does start, but dies later.  can't get it working, so I go home, drop off mower, go to my sisters to borrow her mower, its a pos, takes me 20 mins or so to get it to work, having to hold the throttle open with a bungie cord.

after the lawn gets done I go to take the mower back to my sisters, I sit in my car and I say, literally SAY OUT LOUD to my car "Alright buddy, one more time and you can rest for the day."  I turn the key, it doesn't start.

I know it's flooded though, so I sit at my sisters for a half hour to let it rest and it starts after that.

so last night like I said, we were gonna play dead before dawn campaign, we play a bit, my ping is like 300.  eventually it gets so bad I can't play.

I have to call my ISP and after a bit get that all fixed, but it was too late to play anymore, I grumble and go to mcdonalds to get a smoothie, btw it was good.

so yeah, today I got some more RAM for my PC, I figured I deserved some for my B day, I installed it. happy day.


I just spent nearly the rest of my pathetic amount of money on a new graphics card, i'll have it next week hopefully.

I just dread what's going to happen next, what will break, who will die, what will explode?



  2. Oh man. I feel the same way. Everything seems to crash and burn all at the same time. It sucks. But, keep your chin up, buddy. Things can only get better. Tackle problems one thing at a time, one day at a time. Don't overwork yourself, and you'll be just fine. :)

  3. At one time you'll have bad luck...

    In this case you have had horrible luck.

    But that just means you're have a nice long spree of good luck for awhile :D

  4. Will I'm sorry for all the crap that has happened to you... I guess October isn't your month... even though it's your birthday month.
    Don't worry, this unluckiness will end and good luck will come. T_T
    (I'm also sorry for your dad's possible lung cancer)

  5. Everything goes to hell at some point.
    Just do your best. Enjoy what you can. Then laugh in it's face when you get past it!

  6. Shit dude, it's been bad for a lot of people. Friend's having girl troubles, I might be housing him for a while. My computer fried a few days ago, sharing one with my mom. Spending $380 when I get my YouTube crap in and building a new one.

    Keep on truckin' mang. Everything gets worse before it gets better, from what I'm aware.

  7. Heard of the pandora box, bad luck comes first then something good comes after. Hope everything will get better.....

  8. Sorry to hear that, Austin. Hopefully you will start getting better luck. Keep your head up.

  9. WTF!!! D:
    Hope your dad gets well soon =(

  10. I agree with Tate, I'm not having the greatest month here either. :(

    My greatest sympathies go out to you Austin.

  11. Hey, sorry to hear about the bad luck Austin.

    I'm sending $50 to your paypal

  12. Austin last month was one of the worst monthes of my entire life, several of the things you're going through now I went through as well, but I am better now and have many things to look forward too. I hope things get better for you Austin, truly I do.

    If it helps, I'm sending another $25, your needs outweigh my own.

  13. Eek, talk about crappy luck. >.<; I'm sure your luck will turn for the better though, it's just the natural path of things. Hope it turns for the better soon for your sake, my heart goes out to you. :(

  14. Best of luck to you man, it probably doesn't mean much but I'll be praying for you, nobody deserves that kind of luck. Also you forgot one of the good things this month, the chicken you had for your birthday, the good chicken. But best of luck to you, November will be here soon and that may bring you the best luck of the year.

  15. My life is basically made off of bad luck. im just too young for it to actually take a great affect on my life.

  16. Sounds like fun.

    Ew, Captcha was "demou" >.>

  17. Man My luck was not good to but I never thought Someone could have this luck in just 1 month!!
    Seriously WTF!!!

  18. Ive been having some pretty f'ed up luck to. i guess October just isnt a good month for any of us. Keep your chin up Austin! weel be with you every step of the way

  19. I don't wanna make is worse but... what you described semms like the beginning of the end of the world.

  20. you know what they say..... the worst is yet to come

  21. I've been having an awful, awful month myself. I really think the planets aligned and unleashed Hell on Earth. Both of my wonderful betta fish died overnight, my sewing machine breaks, three friendships ended, I lost my $250 glasses, my iPhone got a crack in the screen, my mom tested positive for a hereditary blood disease that I most likely have, I have multiple injuries from SLEEPING on an old futon mattress, my computer that I just built this spring is failing, and I *still* don't have a job.

    I cannot freakin' wait until this month is all over. I'm trying my hardest not to panic, but holy crap. It's hard just to deal with the initial shock of everything falling apart at once.

  22. Even though I don't have it as bad as the others do but... I failed a few tests this semester despite having studied for all of them, and those will affect my overall GPA :( My bag strap broke, and I'm too poor to afford a new one, the camp I'm helping to plan is going awry and my laptop battery is nutters. I wish October would be over soon! ><

    Hope your dad will be all right!

  23. I was staring at that image since last night cause it looked so freakin familiar. It just hit me now...Woody and Buzz?

    Anyway...yeah, I can sympathize with you. I've sort of been in the same rut for a year and a half now, trying to find a job and a place to live but its kind of hard when the place you're supposed to live in is in the middle of bum-f*** nowhere. My relatives aren't making it any easier and made it clear I've overstayed my welcome at their house. Only thing thats kept me from breaking down is being able to share my troubles with this amazing friend I have. He's really helped kept me sane all this time.

    Guess what I'm trying to say is that life is gonna be shit, and is gonna keep getting shittier, but you'll have to press on against it regardless. But it doesn't have to be something you have to deal with alone- there's at least one person that'll always have your back no matter what happens, and as long as that person gives you a reason to keep going, you'll never have a reason to quit.

    tl;dr Keep trucking, bro. You'll make it somehow.

  24. Looks like your fans that donated their money for you knows your future.
    If no one did donated for you Austin, you'd don't have any money to spend on shit that you need right now.

    Let me help you. I'm going to put food in your mouth for good luck :[]

  25. I am so sorry Austin. I wish you luck for you and your father.

  26. I hope your father is alright dude, I would definitely give you 100 bucks if I have a job.

  27. T.T I hope things get better for you!

  28. Omfg im 13 year old asian and i know ur future well but if i get a job, i donate money to you (: Wish you a very good luck starting from today and your dad to get well soon :D

  29. Okay I see it here now.... Damn.

    You didn't happen to drive by a black cat earlier this month, did you?