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Monday, December 27, 2010

Imma update here more often!

I love you guys so much, i'm gonna try and update the blog daily since so much visit it every day


  1. make more video plz D= me day is not complete when i dont see atleast 1 video in a week =[ make some more plox =D

  2. Thanx brah ;D more videos too, pretty please? ^^

  3. Picked a good time to subscribe to you, then. B)

  4. Pardon me Kilplix, or Austin. I am a fan of your friends and your videos and in the spirit of goodwill and friendship and all that, I have decided to use my small amount of money to purchase for you, Serious Sam Gold edition.
    Recently, it has been on sale and I can only afford it while it is on sale. The problem therein is the fact that I am neither your friend on Steam, nor do I know your email. Thus I cannot send you the game. I'm worried it will be back to normal pricing soon, so if you could respond with your email if you want the game, then I shall send it to you as long as it is on sale. Let me remind you and put you at ease, I shall not bother you by your email. This will be a one time thing only. Thank you!


    P.S. I sent you a friend request too, but you can ignore it. It was only so I could send you the game, nothing more.

    Thanks again!

  5. Thats nice of you ^^
    you should do more "Dumb Comments of the Moment"
    I enjoy those! they give me a good chuckle :D

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