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Monday, December 27, 2010

Poll results: How often do you visit my blog?

every day
1395 (44%)
every other day
676 (21%)
every few days
661 (20%)
once a week
206 (6%)
every few weeks
217 (6%)

good to see majority visit daily, I thank ya lots, helps me out believe it or not.

also special thanks to dear ol TALSET09 for gifting me killing floor! I'm trying to get cody to get it so I'll have someone to play with.

i've turned in an application to a grocery store, i'm gettin desperate here for a job, blah!

how i'd love to have a job that I can tolerate, maybe even enjoy, and HAVING MONEY OMG, that would be just awesome!

too bad my luck SUX


  1. Hmm... You having a job at a grocery store? That would be kind of awesome to have my groceries bagged by you... :D

  2. Please post on your blog more, Austin! :3

  3. Killing Floor is good stuff. The Christmas update was hilarious.

  4. Good luck with the grocery store job.

  5. I didn't GET the job though, I put in the application like a week or so ago, so it isn't looking too likely.

  6. Man, you get Killing Floor? Yesterday deal was a very good deal, hope we can see some footage of Cody and you getting some DOSH!

    Bewm stick time :D

  7. I know you posted before that you don't want your videos on machinima's profile but I don't think it would really hurt to like put up one funny moments video or something to get the extra money.

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  9. It's hard to NOT enjoy Killing Floor, and I can't wait to see your reaction to be snuck up on by a Screamer.

    I hope if you do have to get a crap job, that you get people who you like to work with. Having somebody you can have a good time with under crappy circumstances makes any job bearable.

  10. not only do I visit your blog every day I also visit your Livestream every day. :D

  11. Kilplix? In my Doshing Floors?


    I know what you mean about the grocery job. I kept applying every month at the Publix I used to live near to, as well as the gas stations. After a while a position did open up for the gas station job, but I had to do training in a place that was maybe an hour away and had no car (or public trans for that matter) to get there.

    So...yeah. I get it.

  12. Get a job at a pet store. Working with cute baby animals can be so fun!