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Sunday, December 26, 2010


hope you all had a good one, now tell me what you got for christmas in the comments!


  1. O man, well I got a Kinect, 1 terabyte external hard drive, new video camera, Rock Band 3, new Ipod, a couple Lego's, and as a weird surprise, a Family Guy Snuggie O.o

  2. I got aaabsolutely nothing, yay. :) Am planning to send myself presents next year, muahahaha! Starting with a console. XP

  3. i got castlevania lord of shadow, and some movies like predators and i got some books as well:)

  4. Merry Christmas to you too!

    1) Fallout: New Vegas (360) (actually my b-day gift back on the 4th)
    2) Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition (360)
    3) Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (PS3)
    4) $30 GameStop giftcard
    5) New digital camera (first one in fact)
    6) New HP printer that uses cheap(er) ink. My old one is 5 years old, and it was going to heck, and the ink was harder to find and more expensive obviously.
    7) A lot of money put into my bank account for living expences while at college (not sure how much, didn't get the money directly. Probably over $400 at least).
    8) Some candy =)

    I plan to use that giftcard to help buy myself Red Dead Redemption (360). I also want to get BF: BC2 (360) and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (360), but idk when that will be. Hopefully before a lot of the anticipated 2011 games start coming out. Can't wait for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! =D

  5. Just $60 for a game that comes out in Spring. Wasn't really a Christmas for me this year...

  6. dam you all i live in israel so i didnt celebrate Xmas so i didnt get a gift..... dam you israel!!!!

  7. I got $25. FUCK YEA POOR FAMILY.

  8. -Crap tonne of new clothes (most of which are actually quite cool)
    -Art supplies
    -115 quid to spend (namely on a couple Silent Hill games, Fallout New Vegas, Metro 2033 and a Flight of the Concords DVD).

    Ah, good times!

  9. (1) i got a your dick
    (2)some candy
    (3) a girlfriend called Jonna
    (4) you suck

  10. I got some clothes, a sandwich, and a "shut up and enjoy your sandwich" from santa. Good times.

  11. Albums & DVDs, some musical equipment =)

    @mosii99: Get out, stupid troll.

  12. (not that you will actually read this but... :3)
    A dvd, new alarm clock, a shirts.woot t-shirt, a book, and a necklace with a usb inside. Ah Christmas :3

  13. I am Jewish so I got to use my neighbors stuff (new drum set, new xbox 360 slim, Black Ops, and a Kinect) then we saw a movie, then had Chinese food for dinner.

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  15. Nothing.

    My fucking family is jehovahs witnesses and dont celebrate Christmass. I am the only atheist in my family.

    I was using some money in a MMORPG that I play to gimme a outfit (in-game) as a christmass present. When it was almost done, I got banned for 1 month cuz someone reported me for calling him "son of a b***"

    Damn christmass.

  16. A new graphics card from my mom.
    Idk but i think no one cares about me anymore that's why i received gift just from my mom.
    By the way, Happy New Year.

  17. Well i got Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (PS3), Silent Hill Shattered Memories (Wii), Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (PSP), Two Worlds 2 Royal Edition (PS3), a bunch of Metal CD's (Sodom, Kreator, Obscura, The Fading)
    and some money that I'm gonna use to buy a few band shirts. Yeah

    Happy New Year to everyone :)

  18. A new really big bed (size: 2m x 1,6m), a bunch of books (Pastworld and two german one's, not good to translate for you) and some fish for my fish tank. No games this year, there weren't good ones in my opinion...

    I wish everyone a happy new year :D

  19. Mostly gifts for my fiancee and me. We're getting married January 8th and now we have most of what we need for the apartment.

  20. I got all 3 seasons of The Big Bang Theory
    the complete series of Daria
    & I also bought Minecraft!!

    What did you get???

  21. I got a tea kettle!<3 It's really pretty! I also got godiva hot chocolate and three kinds of tea to brew in it. ^u^

  22. i got a kilplixism doll! lol jk but i got a marshmellow shooter

  23. I got l4d1 game and Jeremy Clarkson's book :)

  24. Nothing, I don't celebrate christmas.

    Although, i do consider LBP2 next year as a present.

  25. I got $200 from my mom.
    And that's it.
    But it was still a good Christmas for me. Hope you had a good one too Austin! :D

  26. I had haz gud christmas, i gotz a 32" LCD HDTV for my tiny room, and a new AMD Phenom II 1090T 6 core processor. :D

  27. burnout paradise (xbox 360)
    star wars the force unleashed 2 (xbox 360)
    new slippers
    2 xbox 360 controllers
    tons of Reese candy
    a board to hold my laptop
    and 20$...
    so it was a good Christmas

  28. I got an one piece jump in suit, a keyboard (instrument), clothes, like 15 bags of candy and a borat mankini

  29. I got two belts, a tie, and a beanie for snowboarding.

  30. I didn't get any games this year, but it was one of the better Christmases, strangely. I got the Scott Pilgrim boxset, a printer, a legit Soviet ushanka, and a bunch of money. I have another Christmas today at my grandma's house, so we'll see what I get there.

  31. Yes Got WoW Cataclysm, DJ Hero 2, Just Dance 2 (My bros and I look like idiots)and the Inception DVD to name the major awesome ones :)

  32. $20.

    I was hoping for the new Alienware Gaming Laptop, but my parents are too cheap to get it.

  33. I got a uDraw Tablet for the Wii...
    it's worse than Justin's rock. :|

  34. I got $40, Left 4 Dead 2, "The Complete Book of Drawing," and a gift card that I can use anywhere that i got from my Uncle.

  35. PS3 with the god of war collection
    Borderlands GOTY addiction
    Boondock saints 1 & 2
    The Bourne trilogy
    and new clothes.

  36. I got a sweet Dell XPS laptop. It plays L4D and TF2 on max settings with no problems. Now i'm waiting for L4D2 to install, then I'm going to learn how to get the custom maps you guys play on.

  37. Merry Christmas:D

    I got:

    Intel Extreme Motherboard
    i7 Processor @ 2.93 GHZ
    An Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 graphics card
    A Spin Q-VT processor fan
    A clear acrylic case
    Some case fans (red LED)
    Fan covers (a scorpion and four bio hazard)
    A sentry 2 touch screen fan controller
    Then some clothes and other random crapxD

  38. I got the complete Dragonball and Dragonball Z manga box set :3

  39. Audio CDs:
    Slayer- World Painted Blood
    Oceano- Depths
    Annotations of an Autopsy- Before the Throne of Infection
    And Hell Followed With- Proprioception
    Korn- Korn
    Marilyn Manson- Smells Like Children
    Video Games:
    Medal of Honor European Assault
    Killzone (complete with manual, too =D)
    Xiaolin Showdown
    Resident Evil 4
    Far Cry Vengance

    Battlefield Bad Company 2
    Medal of Honor Pacific Assault

    Slipknot- (sic)nesses Live at Download 2009
    Korn- Live at Montreux 2004

    The Portable Nietzsche

    Acoustic Guitar

  40. Qi Book
    Fall out new vegas
    Sims 3 late night
    Iron Giant
    Tom and Jerry collection
    2 Scarfs
    Gift voucher for game store
    Bag of make up :/
    A Teddy that heats up
    Red Herring Watch
    Shower stuffs
    Hair stuffs
    COD Black Ops
    I think thats it

    God I feel spoiled...

  41. I got a bunch of Shirts and sweaters that half of em doesn't really fit me. I'm size Large but they gave me Mediums.

    Oh and ogranium/FearTheNutt, I know you're Obama's adapted son. Don't deny.

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  43. i got nothing so...
    santa fucked me again

  44. I got a new blanket for my couch, a bunch of giftcards to bath and body works, and a victoria's secret giftcard. And I got to build my own Build-a-bear bear. :D

  45. i got some jewelry, shirts, jackets, and....oh! a WoW battle chest with 60 day prepaid card

  46. Almost got nothing, then an unexpected 500 GB external drive. Cheers to being able to have more than 2 Steam games at once now!

  47. got a new xbox (old one broke) and three new games and a webcam as well

  48. Cookies! A magnetic bookmark, and...
    Best Christmas ever XD

  49. Nothing i live in russia, and we celebrate christmas on 14 january but not like in europe or usa.A chrismas like we celebrate new year.

  50. Oh goodness, well.

    1. An Indianapolis Colts Football Jersey
    2. The Orange Box for Xbox 360
    3. A Wii
    4. Just Dance 2 for the Wii
    5. NFL Training Package for the Wii
    6. A bunch of dvd's (Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland, ect.)
    7. Two 25 dollar gift cards, which i used to buy Call of Duty Black Ops

    And i'm pretty sure that was it

  51. I got a new headset and computer chair. Also got Crysis Warhead.

  52. I received some cash (in which I used some to buy a crapload of PC games from steam, DAMN holiday sales), a new jacket, FYE gift cards, Scrabble, Assassin's Creed 2, Candy, and clothes.

    Grateful for all I received, and I hope you got some cool stuff Austin!!

  53. Oh. And a Nerf Gun. Maverick Rev-6.

    I'm cravin for Stampede and LongStrike o.O

  54. I got:

    - a ball to practice contact juggling
    - an Ocarina of Time <3
    - one of these
    - lightsaber chopsticks
    - a Katamari t-shirt
    - leather gloves
    - a sweater
    - a book (Mort by Terry Pratchet)
    - Zelda: Twilight Princess trading cards
    - assorted candies
    - garlic stuffed olives
    - and of course, money

  55. A computer that can handle all my games...
    And broadcast...
    Harddrive is buggy but having to much fun to care much...

  56. I got some clothes, a giraffe pillow pet(They're too cute to pass up. I don't care that I'll be 19 in February), an itunes card, some amazing boots, earrings, a coat, a The Walking Dead tshirt and keychains, a new hat and gloves, Despicable Me, Boondock Saints 2(my friend is buying me 1 next time we hang out), a CD, and a Boondock Saints poster I bought for myself. :) And SNOW! xD *from Florida, never seen snow before and spending Christmas in Virginia*

  57. I got rdr undead nightmare from my dad but i bought it a month ago. the worst part is that i told my dad and went into detail on what it is and about the week a bought it

  58. I got an ASPIRE ONE mini-laptop as a backup computer in case mine gets fried from a power surge [like it did this Christmas because i was stupid enough NOT to use my surge protector]'s more like Atari's retarded cousin than it is a computer though...or a computer designed specifically for midgets/elves/gnomes/tiny people...but elves are smart, so I'm just gonna go with my "short-bus-riding-computer" idea...

  59. I got a dish rack, an electric blanket, and books. :D

  60. I got COD BO
    Red Dead
    Minecraft alpha
    and Underwear (Thats counting all the clothes and thats what we call it)
    Happy new year austin:D

  61. My life is complete I finally got Black Ops and a Ps3