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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

you know, I just love toy story

i'm currently watching toy story 2, just got done with the first one, I can safely say that the toy story trilogy is one of my favs of all time, adore them.

I will also give a big ol thanks to Steam user Wompy for getting me the Serious Sam gold pack for christmas, I really truly appreciate it, ya'll are awesome.



    Did you watch the 3rd one?

    I like all of them :3

  2. I loved the toy story movies ever since I was a kid :) I was like 5 the first time I say Toy Story 1 and when Toy Story 3 came out ( I just turned 16 then) I swear I was pusing little kids out of the way to see it

  3. toy story ftw, seen them all
    but serious sam...<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    you have to livestream the game or upload a playthough on youtube

  4. My favorite trilogy would be a fight between Toy Story and Back To The Future. The new Back To The Future game is awesome!!!

  5. The fun part of Toy Story is seeing the references you missed when you were young.

  6. Austin, isn't it fantastic to be so popular that you can say nearly anything and you know people will agree with you?
    You're absolutely fantastic, when I get a Visa, you'll get a little gift from me.
    Have a great day, Sweatheart.

  7. I never would have guessed that you like toy story. They are really good though, but I never saw the second one.

  8. I love toy story, my dad got me and my sis woody and buzz dolls when he went to the states for a week back when I was tiny, I loved those guys, I even wrote my name on their feet like Andy did in the movie XD

  9. I only just watched Toy Story 3 today :O I love them all! :)

    Spanish BuzzlightYear ftw!

  10. I watched Toy Story the other day too! :)
    I love it, but I have yet to see the 3rd one.
    I don't get out much. :(