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Friday, December 31, 2010

I must share a story

I had a 5 year old phone, nothing wrong with it, but it was just showing its age hardcore in terms of technology.

so I decided to get me a new phone.

I stupidly, instantly got me a blackberry torch, what I learned from having it for a full month is, it sucks, holy cow, I hate blackberries, never again.

slow as crap, pretty much zero app support, touch screen is the most inaccurate thing i've ever had the displeasure of using.

I took it back and got me a samsung galaxy, I have zero regrets, it's an epic EPIC phone, Droid OS is amazing, its fast, it has billions of apps, and I love it to death. plus it has Swype, which is just an amazing thing, look it up if you dont know what it is.

I've gotten tons of apps, Jed got the same phone series, so we share apps with eachother, it's just such an awesome phone.

the reason I suddenly decided to share this story is cause I see that the ads on my blog from tiger direct (love that website) are having some good sales on the phones.

lesson learned: stay away from blackberries



  1. I still have an LG Rumor from Sprint lol. and I can't wait for the review I love these vids.

  2. lol nice story my phone is broken.... f*** yeah i love the l4d reviews!

  3. Yeah, I had lost my job so I can't get a phone. I don't even own a house and a cellphone anymore. Sucks.... but it makes my day hearing that more of your videos are coming in. Thanks.

  4. @Unadvisedkiller
    he probably had a typo he meant skype

  5. he didnt mean skype he means a typing thing called "swype" which is where you can slide your finger across your phones screen and it types the word or phrase you want without you have to type it, my dad has it on his phone. I didn't like swype much but... meh people have opinions

  6. yah swype, look it up like I said

  7. Wow to the person who asked what swype is, can you not read our use google?

    Anway, sorry to hear about the blackberry, I work at verizon and they never sell. Looking forward to the review, hope you have a happy new year.

    P.s. This comment was uploaded on a HTC Evo 4g using swype :p

  8. for those who don't know what swype is and are about to ask it here: swype is an input method for touchscreens.

  9. Galaxy S ftw! I got an I9000B. Recently updated to Froyo.

  10. Heh! At least you didn't get a Palm POS phone. Got rid of my Palm a year ago and went with the iPhone. Nothing like killin' zombies (CODWAW: Zombies app) while waiting for my Sons to get out of we three could kill zombies when we get home in L4D2.

    It's how we cuddle...

  11. I like my blackberry. Although I mainly use it for business. I don't care for apps and stuff like that.